Laptop Screen Repair Troubleshooting Steps


As with other computer problems, the procedure of removal of a laptop screen repair is diagnosed. A laptop display is equipped with 5 key components: the laptop LCD or LED, the backlight, flex, inverter and motherboard. Sometimes, when the laptop has broken or cracked due to physical damage, the direct source of the problem is visible. Other times, the problem’s

Origins is not so clear (as is the case when the screen is dim). We will discuss procedures for diagnosing a laptop screen repair.

The first step is to check if a laptop screen repair is involved and does not include a power failure or other laptop problem. This is achieved by ensuring that the laptop is adequately powered. If you can see your laptop launching via the bios and under Windows if the display on your screen is proper, then you have shown that the rest of the system appears to operate well.

Alternatively, you need to plug your laptop into an external display (a desktop screen) and troubleshoot it from there when the screen is broken and all you see is cracks, ink blots and lines. If you can hear the laptop switching on (typical bugs, fans spinning, the hard drive spinning) when the external display does not show the right display of the boot-up process, then it must be confirmed that the external monitor is working. If it is, a problem with the motherboard will not be remedied when the screen is replaced.

Now that it’s connected to a laptop and it’s starting properly, it’s time to pinpoint the major problem. Using a light to light the screen at the top left corner or center, if the screen is only black or dark. If you can view the display by means of the lamp, we know that the display receives data correctly but does not light up. This will be either an inverter problem (testing with an electric output voltmeter) or a backlight problem. If the inverter is defective, a new one must be replaced. When the inverter is working, replace the laptop screen rather than fixing the backlight is strongly advised. This repair is risky and demands know-how.

It’s time to attempt a laptop screen substitution, if the laptop screen is not dull but there’s no laptop view (but there is on the external monitor). The majority of repairs to your laptop screen are due to a broken screen or backlight. However, it may also occur that random dots appear over the whole screen, vertical or horizontal lines emerge, a rising darkening of the region is visible in a kind of stain. In all these situations, the laptop display must be compared to the outside display. If the external display does not duplicate these problems, the laptop screen should be replaced.

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