Labour Compliance Management Automation in India

In this article, we are talking about the labour compliance software to track complex regulatory compliance. Labour compliance software supports labour compliance document management through document validation, training compliance, reporting any exceptional events, and suggests necessary actions to correct them. This software provides the data in the form of graphs and dashboards to provide visibility in a better format. Compliance tracking software assists in automating your organization’s auditing process, help to develop and implement policies to ensure compliance.

With your labour compliance software process improved; you can focus on going beyond the call of duty. Our compliance software is designed to help you align strategic business goals with operational objectives.

Features of AVACOM – Labour Compliance Software


Real-time visibility of status with role-based access, automated workflow & integrated document management system


Automated alerts, reminders, notifications, escalations & legal updates on mails, web & mobile platforms


Real-time compliance calendars & alerts for timely action & intervention


Detailed audit logs & activity reports

Regulatory guidelines and compliance standards are designed to make sure your business is operating under the highest standards of honesty and integrity. You are the one responsible for ensuring every part of the business is measuring up to these requirements. These assurance efforts empower your company to protect its employees, customers, investors, and community.

Labour compliance updates like Avantis RegTech will help you to installed software easily on your premises, and it also provides an option to be installed at the vendor site where you need to pay the charges on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the usage. It is also having quite a user-friendly interface and does not require an expert. This software is gaining popularity in almost all organizations today which includes hotels, banks, pharmaceuticals, product-based companies, etc.

The need for compliance automation software in India is more evident than ever, and the whole idea is to simplify the regulatory environment at a business level. In this post, we look at the challenges and other aspects related to compliance.

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Avantis, a TeamLease Company, is India's leading Regulatory Technology (RegTech) solutions company enabling Ease of Doing Business for over 1,557 legal entities across 28 States and 8 Union Territories. Avantis has one of the most comprehensive Legal and Compliance database in India with over 1,536 Acts and 69,233 Compliances updated on a near real time basis covering over 3,000 changes every year.

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