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Jordan Adds A Coloring Book To The Air Jordan 1 Mid “DIY” Upper

If you look past the hate and stigma, you can clearly see that the Best Price Jordan Shoes 1s Mid is actually quite innovative. In the past few months, its colorways have trumped that of the High’s, bearing brushstroke Swooshes and even anime-inspired elements. Here, the silhouette only further experiments, adding DIY to its already extensive toolbox.
Deceptively simple, this New Jordans 1 Mid acts as a coloring book turned shoe. Thinly penned graphics adorn the entire forefoot and much of the profile, mirroring the prints and patterns found in the aforementioned. The white backdrop only serves this inspiration, allowing one to infuse their own personality and style. Behind, the ankle flap, heel, laces, and lining are not quite as customizable, their blacked out finishes only a stage for the usual Wings and Jumpman branding.

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