It’s A Quick And Simple Process To Arrange The Most Suitable Portuguese Home Insurance Policy Through Ibex


The circumstances of the past year have probably afforded you the opportunity to get much more acquainted with your home – which may not seem an entirely bad thing, particularly if you have only recently moved to this part of the Iberian Peninsula. 


Indeed, the enforced pause that the last 12 months or so have represented for many of us, may have even caused you to reconsider what you require from an insurance policy for your home in Portugal. 


But if you are an expatriate – and therefore not exactly intimately familiar with the ‘ins and outs’ of home cover in this sun-drenched south-west European country – what can you do to ensure you only purchase the most suitable home insurance? 


We’d suggest making Ibex your go-to home insurance brokers in Portugal– and here’s why. 


We’re the first name in expat insurance 


Whatever kind of insurance policy you’re seeking as an expat – think car insurancebike cover or home insurance, among others – we’ll make it quicker and easier for you here at Ibex Insurance Services. That’s partly made possible by our entirely English-speaking service, but also by our network of offices dotted around the Iberian Peninsula, including in Portugal.
Not only do we speak English, but we’re committed to speaking plain English, making even the most frequently confusing insurance concepts straightforward to understand.
Furthermore, as we’re home insurance brokers in Portugal – instead of insurers or agents – you can count on us working with multiple insurers to bring you the most suitable policy with the most affordable premiums.

There’s a bit of everything in expatriate home cover from us 

Whatever you might require from your home insurance in Portugal – including protection for your building, contents and valuable possessions – you can be confident of getting it through Ibex.
We’re great believers in giving expatriates the benefit of the most flexible and tailor-made policies. We can offer multi-property policies, for example, and multi-policy discounts. Flexible payment options are also available, and increased excess discounts. And if you’d appreciate a no-claims discount of as much as 15%… yes, we can give you that, too.
As for the elements of coverage that we can give you from home insurance, you can request more-or-less everything from us – including but not limited to protection against fire, theft and flooding, legal liability cover, emergency access cover, coverage for contents temporarily removed, protection for valuables, and much more.

With policies also available expressly for the protection of static homes and holiday apartments, we really have thought of everything here at Ibex, when it comes to keeping our policyholders suitably protected. Don’t hesitate, then, to call our team in Portugal for more information – on 800 860 705 – or to request a quote online right now for the best-matched policy. 


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