Insights on Key Factors That Affect the Cost of a Diamond

There’s no proposal without diamond rings. Buying diamond jewelry is a part of American culture and will always continue to be so. Diamonds are still valued and sought after, with a long-lasting history. That said, diamonds are among the most expensive jewelry. There are a lot of conflicting disputes and views about diamond’s price, rarity, and value. Is it due to the demand, or there’s a reason for the diamond to be expensive? Well, diamond prices often seem to be mysterious. Are you scared that you’ll be ripped off and wondering how such a small thing would cost you a fortune? Don’t fret; by learning what affects the price of diamond, you can make the best decision for your engagement ring.

Shall we take a look at the key factors that influence the diamond price as shared by the Albuquerque diamond jewelers?


A diamond’s rarity is one of the significant reasons that greatly affect the cost of a diamond. Although many say that diamonds are made artificially rare, this is not completely true. Yes, there are a number of diamonds of different quality. The rarer a diamond stone, the higher the cost. For example, red diamonds are very rare and hence, they are highly-priced. Along with rarity, the quality of the diamond is the principal reason that sets the cost of the diamond.


The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. If the weight of the diamond increases, the cost will also rise. However, this doesn’t include the diamond’s shape and size. Two diamonds may seem to be identical, but they’ll have different carat weights due to the depth. In addition to it, when two diamonds of one half carat each particular color and clarity against other diamond’s clarity and color, you’ll be surprised to learn the difference. Hence, carat weight is a major price determining factor that should be taken into account.


Color of the diamond is another crucial factor that influences the price of a diamond. Fascinatingly, diamond is the only stone that is highly valued for being colorless. However, diamonds come in a range of colors, including black, white, red, blue, and pink color.


The clarity of the diamonds is also a major price-determining factor. If the diamonds are very clear, it could be expensive. Although the clarity couldn’t be notice through naked eye, the flaws can be internal which are known as inclusions. The jewelers in Albuquerque can help you find a diamond that has fewer inclusions. Remember, diamonds without inclusions are extremely rare and highly-priced.

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