Important Features You Should Know When Picking a Yoga Mat Bag

If you are a yoga practitioner, there are high chances that you have experienced the frustration of carrying around your yoga mat as it keeps on unrolling frequently. Especially it is more frustrating to those who prefer practicing outdoors and need to cover a short distance for reaching their favorite spot. A yoga mat bag helps in transporting your mat easily and also protect your mat from damage and dirt. So, if you are walking or riding your bike to your yoga session, a mat bag helps in keeping your mat protected and rolled. It is important to protect your mat, as a good mat is not cheap at all. These bags offer various benefits and are available in a wide range of colors, fabrics, and styles; therefore, you will be able to find a bag that suits your routine and yoga mat. We will be discussing a few features that help you to pick the right one.

Good quality branded yoga mat bag can cost $68 as the bag is smartly designed, attractive, and well built. The bag has separate compartments for keeping your items safe and organized, has a shoulder strap, eyelets for ventilation, and weather-resistant fabric. The bag’s dimension is 29”*7”*6.75” that can accommodate all your essentials along with your mat. Few other brands have come up with a bag that is more than a yoga mat carrier. The bag has been designed in a backpack style, which also acts as a yoga mat bag. This type of bag has ample space to keep your stuff and the bag is suitable for those who go for a long walk or regular hike. The yoga mat is placed and strapped into the middle compartment. The right and left side of the bag has small pockets and pouches to keep smaller items and also features two adjustable straps thereby making it a good fit for any yogi. You will get this type of bag at $50 with a money-back guarantee.

If you love colors, then these bags are also available with tie-dye inspiration prints that will catch your attention. The bags are handmade and for this reason, each bag will be unique and different. Primarily, this bag is designed to carry your mat; however, it also has a zippered inner pocket and an outer pocket to keep small items. Apart from this, the bag features a full-length zipper for enclosing your mat and a single adjustable shoulder strap. The dimensions are 30”*7”*7” and made with eco-friendly cotton, which can be easily cleaned. If you adore chakras, then there are various simple and budget-friendly bags. The entire bag is black and embroidered with chakra symbols and each chakra is represented with a different color that makes it very attractive with black color in the background. The length of the bag is 24”, has an adjustable shoulder strap, and an exterior zippered pocket and it is priced at $20.


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