Importance of Lowering CPC That Benefits Search Engine Marketing in China

Being tempted to expand your marketing reach in the world’s largest digital market place, if you’re attempting to register in search engine marketing in China, similar to Google Adwords, you should have a considerable understanding of the quality score. It’s because, your quality score has great influence over your ad positioning, its effectiveness, and the cost of your paid search campaigns. Simply put, just like your credit score which determines whether or not you qualify for a bank loan or the higher interest rate that you’ve to pay, Baidu’s quality score impact on the cost that you pay against every click in your SEM endeavor.

Just like Google’s Adwords, Baidu’s quality score depends on numerous factors, such as

• Your CTR or click-through-rate

• The relevance of every keyword relating to its ad group

• Quality and relevance of landing page

• The relevance of your ad text

• Your historical Baidu SEM account performance.

Advertisers who prefer putting ads in Baidu search engine marketing in China can see each level of their PPC account which becomes qualified by displaying stars by the Baidu community.

Your Quality Score Objective

As said above, you can view the quality score of your PPC account at the left-down part of its interface. The numeral of your score changes according to the quality score of your keywords. Similarly, it changes as per the actions, behavior, and performance of your search engine marketing in China account in terms of the long term stability of the account, overall performance, and whether or not you stick to Baidu’s advertising regulations, etc. Thereby, in order to earn a higher quality score that automatically lowers your CPC (cost per click), you should follow the guidelines stated below:

• Continue Search Engine Marketing in China

Advertisers having a goal to reap the great benefits of less CPC that increases their quality score should be very much practical when budgeting on their advertisement. For this, you need to ensure that your PPC ad remains continual or alive. It should be noted with the diligence that in case your budget is finished and your advertisement stay suspended for more than a week, you’ll simply mislay your earlier quality score that goes down in every stage.

• Adhere to Baidu’s SEM Advertising Conformity

The Baidu advertising rules and regulations are changing in accordance with Chinese advertisement laws since 2015. Adhering to this standard of regulations and business policies, high-quality content, trademark terms according to the guidelines by Baidu facilitates you to increase your quality score devoid of harming it.

• Keywords Quality Score

Make sure to avoid the specific keywords that are already banned by Baidu. To boost your site’s quality score, it’s imperative to work with relevant keywords apart from ad copy that helps increase your CTR. With your digital marketing agency in China, you can successfully find those search engine appealing keywords that enhance your quality score and lessen your CPC.

• The wildcard in Ad Copy and Insertion of Dynamic Keywords

Baidu search engine marketing in China recommends its advertisers to effectively use Wildcard and use dynamic keywords according to which the keywords employed in your ads can demonstrate them with ad copy templates. The keywords used in your promotional ads will be displayed in the tagline and equally help pick up the quality score of your keyword.


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