Ikigai- Read this treasure of wisdom to live a healthy, happy and a contented life

Ikigai by Hector Garcia Puigcerver and Francesc Miralles reveals the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. Did you know that Japan is home to the world’s healthiest people? Do you ever think what inspires them to do things differently as compared to the rest of the world? Do you also want to live until 100 years?


If you answered yes to all these above-mentioned questions and if you want to know more about living a healthy life, then reading the summary of Ikigai is your route and answer.  It is very easily accessible on the RollingSlate website.


This book covers many topics related to the art of living. It educates you to focus your energy on things that are super important. Living a simple yet purposeful life enhances the quality of life and offers clarity.


You might probably know that almost one third of Japan’s population consists of older people (people above the age of 65). Okinawa, a city in Japan, has the highest number of centenarians. (People who are 100 years old) Want to know their secret of longevity? They believe in Ikigai which means the purpose of life. Ikigai or what you are born to accomplish comprises four different aspects- where your passion lies, what are your talents, how you can make a living out of it, and what is needed in the world. Therefore, Okinawans spend a large part of their life specializing and fulfilling their purpose on Earth.


Okinawans also practice a habit of portion control called hara hachi bu which means they eat until they’re 80% full and then stop at it. They don’t stuff themselves with unnecessary amounts of food. This practice of portion control ensures that they live a happy, long, and healthy life.


In order to live a life full of contentment and have a sense of purpose one must try to keep their brain super active and stress levels in control. Chess and engaging in other mind games prevents brain fog while Deep Japanese Therapy or Morita Therapy helps keeping stress levels down which in turn keeps all the diseases at bay.  It was initially developed to cure anxiety and keep stress at control. But it was later discovered that this therapy can help in curing depression and burnouts too. If you want to learn about Morita Therapy, then you can read the summary of the Ikigai book that is available on various book summaries sites.


By now you must have realised that Japanese people are very connected with their body which makes them connected to their mind too. These people always engage themselves in a hobby that makes them feel young, passionate. It is believed that engaging in an activity that you love doing, which returns your zeal towards life, that activity will increase your life expectancy.


Some life lessons from Japanese centennials to live a remarkable life: They suggest people to inculcate healthy habits like waking up early in the morning, working out, making real and lifelong connections with people, keeping stress levels as low as possible, growing your own veggies and consuming home cooked food as much as possible.


Eating foods rich in antioxidants is a key to living a long life. Japanese people swear by loading their diets with food stitch in antioxidants. They not only increase the quality of your life but also help in keeping the stress levels at bay and rejuvenate literally each and every cell of the body. Some foods rich in antioxidants are: broccoli, salmon, strawberries or apricots. They swear by home-made green tea and white tea. Both are super rich in antioxidants. They add jasmine to their green tea to make it more effective. These teas not just provide antioxidants but also help in controlling bad cholesterol, blood pressure, boost blood circulation, and keep sugar levels in control.


If you want to live a happy and a contented life, then a summary of the Ikigai book is all you need. It is very easily accessible on various book summaries sites. Another thing that Japanese people swear by is movement or walking. It has been proved that completing the daily step count can add years to your life. Not just that, it can actually improve the quality of life. The secret ingredient to old Japanese people’s longevity is movement. They are most commonly seen taking a casual stroll around the garden, working in their home gardens or going up to karaoke bars. They consciously make time for such activities in their day which in turn adds joy to their otherwise mundane life. A recent study conducted on this topic by fitness expert Gavin Bradley shows that sitting in the same position for two hours can have fatal and irreversible effects on our health.

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