How to Use Weibo Marketing for Driving Your Business

It is not easy to develop a Weibo marketing strategy that will provide you good results. The Chinese market and social media tools are dynamic and which apps you need to use and the strategies to follow is quite a difficult task. In China, WeChat is the most preferred app that any help you with anything. So, why you should go for Weibo to cater to your marketing needs? What makes Weibo so much appealing to businesses and digital marketers in China?

Weibo means microblogging in the Chinese language and as opposed to WeChat, it is more public and open platform. This openness makes the platform for more outreach and exposure greater than WeChat. Chinese netizens mainly use Weibo for entertainment and trend spotting, thus a marketer should have the right tools to increase brand awareness by collaborating with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) or a celebrity. Weibo is a perfect tool to gather information about people’s trends and entertainment. Few things you need to keep in mind when marketing using Weibo.

Interacting with and understanding your audience

While interaction is quite popular in the West, it is necessary to interact with the clients in China. It is critical to respond to comments, interact with suppliers and partners on Weibo. In China, any marketing efforts with Weibo, Baidu, WeChat, or any tools will not be producing the desired results unless you are figuring out your target audience. Only then, you can able to communicate effectively. You have to draw up buyer personas in partnership with local marketing experts. Experts can able to provide more insight and insider information under the clients’ preferences better.

Using local knowledge and native proofreaders or content writers

Just like the above, it is important to be aware of what is going on, the thought process of your target market, making decisions and many other factors that are unique to their situation can be achieved only by working with a local person. For establishing a greater connection, let alone run a successful advertising or marketing campaign, you need to have a good understanding of the circumstances and way of life of your prospects. Content checked or created by native people will make sure you are avoiding any potential blunder rather than depending on translation websites. This, in turn, helps you in establishing a good connection and demonstration of a better understanding of your customers, which means greater trust and more conversions.

Engaging experts, sharing reviews as well as case studies

The above factors are a reality check that you need to hire a professional with enough expertise and experience in running marketing campaigns in China. There is no other way to tap the Chinese audience, although there are many similarities with western marketing, your strategy for Weibo marketing should focus only on Chinese consumers. Marketing related content that revolves around reviews, social proof, and case studies work perfectly in China as in the West. Therefore, it is important not to fake anything, as nothing will come at a heavier price more than losing your integrity or trust.


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