How To Spot Rodents, Rats or Mice In Your Home?

Rodents, rats or mice have been known to be living alongside humans since the dawn of civilization. Millions of people around the world end up suffering from the rat or rodent infestations. Rats or rodents have been known to cause severe losses to our food sources. Almost any rat infestation can cause you monetary losses by damaging your property and belongings.

You should inspect every corner of your property for any sign of rodent infestation. The early you confirm rat infestation the more easily you will be able to get rid of them. Rats or rodents are known carriers of many diseases causing pathogens and germs. Rats are known to cause and spread many diseases like plague, hantavirus fever, pulmonary issues and other life-threatening diseases. Rats have a habit of eating your food at night and end up contaminating them. Rat infestations will also severely affect your home environment. These rodents will leave their faecal matter and urine thereby compromising the hygiene of your home. Rats are known to multiply rapidly, so by ignoring the signs of rat infestations you can end up with severe infestations. Professional pest controllers can deliver rat control services at your property. We are providing you with some common signs of rats or rodent infestations at home. If you happen to see any sign, call our executives and hire our pest control services today.

Common Signs of Rodent Infestations and Mice Infestations

Droppings, Faecal Matter and Urine

The most obvious a common sign of rat infestation in their droppings and urine. You see rats are nocturnal animals that come out at night looking for food. Rats will leave their droppings or faecal matter near your kitchen, cabinets, pantries, cupboards, under the sink etc. if you happen to see their droppings. Remove them right away. You can wear gloves for your protection while cleaning their droppings or urine. If there is a severe case of dropping or faecal matter, chances are rats have infested severely. Hire professional pest controllers for complete eradication of rat infestations.

Teeth and Gnaw Marks

Rodents can damage your property and belongings by constantly biting and chewing them. You can look out for chew and gnaw marks on any place where their habitat is. Cupboards, cardboard boxes, cabinets, food cans and storage boxes are some of the things where rats will leave bite mark. A visible sign of gnawing mark is a clear indication of having a rat infestation.

Nests or Other Habitats

Rodents and rats are known to inhabit dark, moist, damp and secluded areas of your property. Mice specially build their nests using clothes, cotton, paper and fabric etc. if you see these materials scattered around or torn or if there are damaged paper or fabric in your rooms. Chances are rats have damaged the things. You can also watch out for their nests or habitats in your backyards, attics, garages and other secluded areas.

Track Marks

Rodents are dirty, slimy and greasy creatures as they crawl and sneak in between wet and moist areas. So when they move throughout your home they will leave a trail behind, the wet and oily fur and tail will leave a trail mark which you can look out for. You can also watch out for their paw and foot marks as well.

Strange Noises at Night

You can also observe and listen to strange noises coming from your house at night. As the mice and rodents will come out looking for food, they will scratch and bite which will create a sound which you can listen to.

Live Rat or Mouse

The last and most obvious sign is watching or looking at a live rat or mouse in your home. If you want to check for mouse infestation or rodent infestation then turn on the lights at night in your backyard, garage, kitchen or attic, if you accidentally see a live rat or mouse then call professional pest control services right away.

Professional Assistance

My Home Pest Control Melbourne are a renowned name in town that provides its customers with all kinds of pest control services. We work round the clock to offer you professional pest control services anytime or any day. We have a highly skilled and trained staff of professional pest controllers. With all the proper certification and qualification, we can deliver any kind of pest control service for you. Our professional pest controllers are equipped with all the latest equipment and tools to eradicate any pest. We will reach your property, address the pest infestations and eradicate it within a single day. Hire our professional pest control services at low costs today and get rid of any kind of pest infestation in your property within 24 hours.

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