How to Prevent Electrical Fires and Home Electrical Repairs?


Electric fires are one of the top reasons that cause house fires leading to severe damage to houses and offices. Do you know, almost half or 48% of home structure electrical fires involve some electrical disruption equipment such as switches, light bulb, wiring, outlets or plugs. According to reports, home fires account for an estimated 51,000 electrical fires each year. Not only electrical fires are dangerous, but they are also preventable! Safety is important than anything. Updating the wiring in your home is a crucial step you can take to avoid electrical fire. The expert electrician Mandurah can check your wires, changing and fixing any problems helping to keep your family safe and secure in your home.

What are the precautionary steps you can take to prevent electrical fires and home electrical repairs?

Electrical fires are dangerous which can harm your loved ones and also put others at risk of injuries. Electrical fires can be prevented by making sure your electrical cords, outlets, and appliances are safe to use. It is vital that you use your electrical appliances properly and the wirings in your house are done correctly by expert electrical contractors Mandurah.

Here are some precautionary steps for you to prevent electric fire and repairs.

Prevent overloads:

You can lower your threat of electrical fires by not overloading your electrical system. The signs of an overloaded circuit include dimming and flickering lights.

Also, do not use multi-outlet converters or extension cords for electric appliances.

Pay attention to outlets that are near water sources in your house:

One of the ways electrical fire starts is by getting in contact with water. Most of the reported accidents happen in the laundry room or kitchen. However, there are solutions to prevent any problems arising!

When you hire an expert electrician, he will ensure a ground fault circuit interrupter which can protect your outlets allowing it to be safe next to water sources.

Turn off all unattended electrical appliances: 

Did you know, the number one place where an electrical fire starts in a home is the kitchen? This is because most of us easily forget to turn off unattended electrical appliances. Make sure you go around your home and turn off all unattended electrical appliances before bed. After all, you shouldn’t wake up to a house fire in the night because you never know what could catch fire while you are asleep!

Conduct routine inspection for electrical safety:

One of the excellent ways to prevent an electrical fire is ensuring that your electrical box is checked routinely and your codes are up to date. Expert electricians can regularly inspect your home to make sure that no electrical problem arises.

Besides, whenever you find a small problem in electric lines or plugs, do not neglect it. Call out for emergency electrician Mandurah immediately, who will who will arrive and fix the problem before it bursts big.

At times a small cost is worth the protection helping you rest easy and safe in your home!

The author is an electrician Mandurah. With a team of professionals, he offers maintenance and repair services to residential, commercial and industrial sectors. He also provides special property maintenance and compliance solutions to real estate clients. Visit for details.



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