How to Prepare for 9 Gems Scholarship Exam: A Student’s Guide

The Global Indian International School is one of the most reputed international schools in the country. GIIS believes in incentivizing its students to do well in life and achieve the highest echelons of perfection in the field of academics, sports, skills, and extracurricular activities. With this as their central guiding principle, GIIS has introduced its famous 9 GEMS Scholarship Program.

In this blog, we will first look at what the 9 GEMS Scholarship Program is, and how students can ace the exam to get this highly prestigious scholarship.

Let’s begin.

What is the 9 Gems Scholarship?

The 9 Gems Scholarship or the 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship is a scholarship program offered by the Global Indian International School. It provides scholarship opportunities to promising students who have shown distinction in any of the 9 Gems skills.

The inspiration for introducing the 9 Gems Scholarship Programme lies in its GIIS’ desire to encourage students in the direction of extracurricular excellence. The idea is to ensure that students get a well-rounded education. Through this scholarship programme, GIIS hopes to encourage students to hone their skills in diverse areas such as sports, skills, and values.

How to prepare for the 9 Gems Scholarship:

Preparing for the 9 GEMS Scholarship is a skill that you can easily muster. Here’s a practical guide to help you prepare for this coveted scholarship: 

Step 1: Check your eligibility first

Preparing for the 9 GEMS scholarship is for those people who meet the eligibility criteria. If you are not even eligible for the scholarship, it does not make sense to get tangled in exam preparation. So as part of the first step, check your eligibility for the 9 GEMS Scholarship. 

Step 2: Apply for the scholarship if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Suppose you meet the eligibility criteria, great! All you have to do now as part of the next step is to apply for the scholarship. Fill the application form diligently and upload the required documents. After you do this, the selection board will process your application and call you for an interview if they consider you fit for the scholarship.  

Step 3: Prepare for the interview if shortlisted.

After submitting your application form, wait for an intimation from the school authorities. If the selection committee considers you fit for the scholarship, they will notify you and call you in for an interview. If this happens, then your job is to prepare for the interview. 

Perfecting the 9 Gems Scholarship Interview in 3 Easy Steps: 

Here are some tips that can help prepare for the interview and ensure that you get the 9 GEMS Scholarship: 

Tip 1: Be confident!

Confidence is the shortest route to cracking any interview. It is a crucial ingredient needed to pass the interview round with flying colours. After all, a strong personality and a show of confidence hold the potential to mesmerize the interviewers and leave a lasting impression. 

Tip 2: Do your research

Given how you are interviewing for the 9 GEMS Scholarship, it makes sense that you are aware of the A-Z of the 9 GEMS Framework of learning. Research about this teaching pedagogy and know everything there is to know about it. Doing this will give you that much-needed edge over other applicants as it will help you brand yourself as someone who shows learning interest. 

Tip 3: Brush up on your speaking skills

Interviews are all about a dialogue between two people. If the interviewing panel has more than one person, you need to prepare yourself to take on conversations with them. So it will be helpful for you to perfect your speaking skills as it can make all the difference. 



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