How to Overcome Financial Stress in Relationships?


Do you know arguments about money hamper many marriages? Yes, 51% of Australian couples admit that money is the major source of conflict in their relationship. Financial stress is one of the leading causes of divorce, according to Relationships Australia Research. Of course, when you are in love, money isn’t a major concern. But, over time, money can make you feel more empowered in a relationship. So, how do you protect your relationship from the problems? Counselling Hills District is one of the best ways to resolve your conflicts and improve your relationship. However, there are certain things you can do to manage and here are they:-

Managing Financial Stress in Your Marriage

It could be difficult to talk about the financial status of the partner, particularly the one who is dependent. But, communication and being honest is the key in any marriage, especially when it comes to money. You could take a loan or sort it on your own, but it can go wrong at any time. In order to help manage your financial stress in your marriage, it is essential to make a plan along with your partner. When planning, include the following things as suggested by relationship counselling Hills District expert:-


When you are dealing with financial stress, it could be overwhelming, and you’ll be pressurised. It’s the time when you need emotional support. That’s why it is important to open up with your partner honestly to overcome the situation together as a couple. That’s what matured couples do. That’s how it works. When you try to manage yourself without letting your partner know, it can harm your relationship. Financial stress can affect both partners. So, it is crucial to work together to manage them. Keeping secrets and taking the financial stress is unhealthy for the entire family. Communicate with your partner right now.

Avoid Blaming

When times are tough, it’s natural to blame others. But, don’t play the blame game. You’ll get plenty of time for reflecting once the financial issues are resolved. For now, don’t waste your time pointing fingers at each other. First, sit down and talk and sort out the problem together.

Work On a Budget

Planning a budget and following it is one of the best ways to negate financial problems in your marriage, both short and long term, is to plan a budget according to your lifestyle, income, and needs. If you both are earning, make sure you both contribute toward the monthly expense and savings. Similarly, you both must have some savings. There must be a plan for today and tomorrow.

Focus On Financial Literacy

If one of the partners is handling all financial decisions, even about savings and investments, it can leave the other insecure and uncertain. You both need to collaborate and equally share the responsibility in managing your expenses, savings, and finances. When it comes to marriage relationships, financial literacy is very important.

If you are struggling to make your way on your own, it may be time to consider marriage counselling Hills District to resolve your disputes and improve your relationship.

The author is a professional marriage counsellor located in the Hills District. He provides support and counselling Hills District for individuals and couples. Visit for more details.

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