How to Improve My Home Office Lighting?


Working from home is now nothing new. The virus doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon, making working from home the new normal. Many major companies remain remote and have no immediate plans to return to the office. That’s why most of us are planning to turn that nook under stairs or somewhere in a home into a workspace. It’s imperative to create a comfortable workspace where you could be productive and work efficiently. That said, when you are working from home, the quality and character of lighting in the workspace is as crucial as desk and chair because it helps to improve productivity.

Poor lighting can make you feel dull, less focused, strain your eyes, and cause headaches. Not to mention that it impairs your ability to work efficiently as you would in your workplace. If you can’t let natural light inside your home workplace, then artificial lighting fixtures should help illuminate the room. Here are few ideas shared by our electrician Beecroft to help illuminate your home office:-

Consider Task Lighting

Whether its computer work, paperwork, or other intensive tasks, it’s imperative to have a well-defined light source dedicated to what you are doing. An adjustable desk lamp will help create task lighting where you need and support a range of tasks. If your home office has multiple stations, creating task lighting would be a viable and cost-effective solution. Try to set up dedicated task lighting for each station.

No Glare and Shadows

When you are illuminating your home office, always consider the source of light. A light behind your desk or computer can create a glare on the monitor that’s so annoying. Likewise, you need to look out for shadows cast by lamps or adjustable lights that are set up for task lighting on your desk.

Use Natural Light

It’s a good idea to utilise natural lighting as much as possible. So, don’t overlook the benefit of illuminating your home office with natural light. In fact, it’s better than artificial lighting. Make the most of us natural light that’s coming from windows, skylight, or any other way. Sunlight tends to produce warm lighting that improves the work environment. However, you might need to take care of direct sunlight that heats your house and creates overwhelming glare during a certain period during day times.

Decorative Office Lighting

Your lighting doesn’t have to be boring. Besides adding ambient and task lighting, you might want to consider functional lighting types like decorative and accent lighting to add a visual element to your home office, making it look productive. For more ideas on illuminating your home office, it’s a good idea to get help from your electrician Pennant Hills.

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