How to choose the right t-shirt for work

Workplace fashion has been undergoing a revolution of sorts. No longer are men confined to their suits and ties, but are opening up to a more comfortable and laid back style of clothing. The rise and rise of start-up culture can be partially credited for this new wave of dressing. Today, it is completely acceptable to wear men t-shirts, denims and sneakers to the office. This means that unlike in the past, what you wear to work is exactly what you would wear when you go out with your family and friends on weekends. However, this doesn’t give you the license to go absolutely extravagant with your outfits. The trick to achieving a flawless ‘business casual’ look is to appear professional without overdoing it. T-shirts are your best friends when you want to nail the modern workplace fashion. Just follow these simple guidelines when choosing the right tees to wear to the office and you’re good to go:


Neutral colours

While bold hues like red, green and yellow are acceptable for casual Fridays, you should stick to neutral colours like white, black, grey, navy blue and beige for the rest of the week. These shades match with any coloured bottoms, suit most skin tones and look the most professional. If you’re keen to try out full sleeve t-shirts for men online in India, then a bright colour on the sleeves and neutral on the body looks suitable. On the other hand, if you work for in the creative industry like advertising, graphic design etc, a bright red the Flash superhero t-shirt or a Superman logo tee in beaming blue will not look out of place at all.


The right fit

When finding the a t-shirt that has the right fit, the most important aspect to keep in mind is your body type. If you’re more on the heavier side then wearing a baggy tee only accentuates your stoutness, but then wearing a t-shirt that’s too tight also does nothing to flatter your body. Opt for a tee that’s neither on these two extremes and one whose length doesn’t go above or below your belt area. If you’ve been hitting the gym regularly and want to flaunt those muscles, then a t-shirt that hugs your body is the one that’ll look best on you.


To tuck in or not to tuck in

This is a common dilemma that many men face on a daily basis, especially when wearing t-shirts to work. Unlike button down shirts, t-shirts usually have an even hem, and because of this, you have are liberty to decide whether you want to tuck in your tee or leave them untucked. If you want a more formal touch then full sleeve polo t-shirt for men and other basic t-shirts can be tucked in and they’d look just fine.


The fact that t-shirts have seamlessly entered the workplace is a very welcome sign indeed. If you’re looking for some offbeat yet office worthy styles then shop at VoxPop for some unique basic t shirts online in India.



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