How To Choose The Right Mobile POS System In America

If you are still using the clunky and traditional cash-register style point of sale systemin the United States of America, it is time to upgrade to the best mobile POS system. However, choosing a mobile POS system can be challenging. If you are a new business then there is a good chance that you have never had to buy a POS system before. Also, older businesses may not have updated their point of sale or cash register approach in years. In both cases, there is a lot you need to think of when choosing a mobile POS system.

Does the system have the right features?

When choosing a mobile POS system, it is crucial to ensure that the system you choose has the right features for your business. Getting the right fit means investigating potential solutions’ features and choosing the one that has the most to offer your business. If you have a retail business, you may need a POS application that has inventory matrix features that make it possible to manage your back stock and know the products you still have in store. Alternatively, if you run a bakery, your point of sale system should be able to maintain and keep track of your ingredients. You also need to consider if you have customers who use EBT cards. There are a lot of features that a POS system can offer that you did not even know they existed. However, make sure that the mobile point of sale system you choose has features that impact your business positively.

Is the POS system EMV complaint?

The EMV chip credit cards are on the rise. They have changed the way cashiers/tellers interact with customers. The traditional method of swiping credit cards is being replaced with readers that ask cards to be inserted into the PIN pad’s bottom. This shift has taken some people getting used to it as they enjoy the reinforced chip cards’ security. When choosing a mobile POS system, you have to ensure that it can handle EMV cards.

Can it accept payments through Google Wallet, Apple Pay and more?

A lot of people nowadays use their mobile phones to make payments. This is the top reason why you need to buy a POS system in the first place. NFC is a technology that allows two mobile devices to communicate with each other by being nearby. The technology allows customers to make a purchase using their mobile phone by just touching their mobile phone to your point of sale terminal. The transaction is then processed through an application on the phone of the user such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

You should ensure that you have an Apple and Android POS capable system due to the different types of devices available. The best mobile POS system should have this capability to speed up transactions. Most customers are looking for NFC payment options because they are convenient. So, if you want to attract the younger American customers then you have to ensure that the POS system you choose is NFC enabled.



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