How to buy the LED track light?

LED track light is something that will make your shop or room more imaginative with the best lighting arrangement! Possibly you are looking for something more advanced with incredible LED track lights. Choose a LED track light first should pay attention on it’s raw materials, because raw materials directly effect a whole LED track light future’s lifespan and lighting feeling brings to people.

LED track light housing is it important?

A good heat dissipation directly effect a light long lifespan, AATECH’s LED track light all choose cold forging aluminum housing which is perfect at heat dissipation.

AATECH LED track light adopts the latest technology of cold forging. The lamp body is made of #1070 aluminium ingot by one time forming without secondary process like splicing, riveting and soldering. The cooling effect of radiator is completely same as that of raw aluminum material with good heat dissipation,

The Thermal conductivity of different aluminum material:

Cold forging aluminium (#1070): 226.w/m.k
Profile aluminum (#6063): 180.w/m.k
Die casting aluminium (#ADC12): 98.w/m.k

LED chip is it important for a LED track light?

LED chip decides a LED light future lifespan and lighting feeling brings to people. So it is significant to choose well LED chip for you light.

AATECH owns patent self-designCOB LED with Epistar chip, ceramic PCB against pure gold thread, which has features of high light efficiency, high CRI, high stability, low light decay, low SDCM, etc.

AATECH’s LED track light Advantage:
1. With CITIZEN chip, high brightness 150lm/W;
2. High CRI90,SDCM<3, R9 50;
3. With brand track adaptor Osram, Philips;
4. Zoomable, dimmable, CCT switchable available;
5. 5 years warranty for whole light

Want to buy LED track light and other LED Light?

AATECH is the ideal spot to purchase the suitable LED track lights at a reasonable expense. Flexible solution available to choose at here, laser your logo with beauty appearance and advanced colour box package, fast delivery and good after service.
Choose from AATECH, choose a guarantee!

For more information About: 5 Years Warranty LED Track Light

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