How to be Prepared in the Event of a Car Accident


A car accident is chaotic and frightening if you aren’t aware of what to do after the car accident. The injured victims can recover from their injuries and protect their legal rights only by understanding medical and legal needs you will have after the accident. This preparation process can be stressful and sometimes even confusing. An experienced car accident attorney in Albuquerque can answer you all the questions regarding the claim process.

Immediate Medical Attention

The most important step to take after a car accident is getting a timely medical evaluation. The reason is some injuries may have delayed symptoms or no symptoms at all. Through a medical evaluation, you can easily identify any potential injuries that could even help you get through the claim process.

Also, follow all the treatment recommendations to get properly treated and get the compensation you deserve. This is because, a defendant is only obligated to compensate the victim for pain and suffering caused by his or her negligence. If the plaintiff fails to access medical care, the defendant may not be obligated to compensate the plaintiff for the added pain and suffering.

So, always remember, failing to follow up creates an unnecessary loophole for the defendant to avoid paying victims medical expenses.

Legal Rights

– The most important evidence in the car-accident case is the police report and documentation. So, co-operate with the investigation and give a clean statement to the law enforcement officials. Get the other driver’s insurance information from the police officer who attends the scene.

– Hire a car accident attorney to deal with filing a claim, establishing the other driver’s liability and other such administrative hassles.

– Don’t discuss the accident with anyone else after giving your statement to law enforcement officials. Don’t post any statement related to the car accident on social media as it can be used against you later to reduce the compensation or deny your claim. Discuss with your car accident or personal injury attorney in Albuquerque before making any statement to others or on social media.

– An attorney can also help you in deciding whether to accept the settlement from an insurance company or file a lawsuit to submit the claim to a jury for determination. This decision may depend on several factors such as,

– Geographic area

– The nature of the injuries

– The defendant’s conduct

– Weather conditions during the accident and more

Only having an experienced car accident attorney by your side, you can make the best decision possible. They will negotiate or litigate your case as necessary to protect your legal rights.

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