How Mutual Fund Software Furnish Complex Reports?

In the business of mutual fund distribution, reports plays an integral part in managing the funds of the investors as without reports fair status of the funds cannot be identified which can mislead the progress of the funds. The formation of reports with accurate data is must in order to present the reliable status in front of the clients.

The Mutual Fund Software developed by REDVision Technologies provides fair and accurate reports that reduces the efforts of the distributors as well and presents the complex calculations into simplicity.


  • Quick presentation of funds within few clicks.
  • No extra efforts of the distributors for calculation.
  • Send reports to clients easily.
  • Regular monitoring of clients funds.
  • Measure progress of the investment at each stage.

Without the feature the distributors suffers issue in preparing reports and deals with complexities that affects the survival of the business. Therefore the distributors should have the facility to prepare reports easily.

In order to remain competitive in the market the distributors have to adapt the technology with the latest feature that helps in capturing the major percentage of market and attracting new investors on regular basis without any issue.

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