How Crypto Currency Has Tendency to Revolutionize Digital Assets?

Crypto Currency has been on a rise with its popularity as virtual currency. The currency is exchanged, purchased and sold through digital platforms. EC2 is a crypto currency and it helps in paying business owners capital. EC2 runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our EC2 Token can be traded on many CEX and DEX exchanges around the globe.

Use of the EC2 for Businesses Processes

Crypto Bonus App

The Crypto Bonus is a SaaS application which is designed and used by people in the commercial transportation Industry. This includes Flight Attendants, Pilots, Truck drivers and more. Employment Coin has contracts to retrieve hours worked and or miles driven or flown. In return our SaaS application will reward registered users EC2 Tokens for simply doing their job. Recently American Airlines Union has given Employment Coin the green light to reward all their Pilots EC2 tokens using this platform.


OurTime Management Software “TMS” is our flagship SaaS solution.The platform is designed to support the Agile workflow using a Kanban format to be used to help Enterprise’s organize time, tasks and projects.Low cost licensing model per and bonus to the owners as they are paid in EC2 Tokens for time submitted and tasked completed within the platform. This is a new and ground-breaking technique tying in Block-change and Crypto Currency into the business process.

Quick Notes

  • It is a patented application and solution which allows business owners to make swift payment to the employee after only completion of the task“TMS”.
  • New way for Organizations to help employees with a crypto bonus “Crypto Bonus App”
  • It is highly rewarding because it helps in building the digital asset. It is a smart way to secure and invest in the future.
  • The time project management software gives an edge to all the employers. It helps individuals to create payroll.


The platform invites investors to trade the EC2 Token on many CEX and DEX platform. We are listing on, and more exchange are being added in the up and coming weeks.



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