How are Digital Branding and Marketing Different yet Interrelated?

Up to 51% of customers try to search for new brands and items via their mobile devices, according to the findings of a recent survey. This fact, in other words, implies the demand for new and competitive brands in the world of commerce. When it comes to using digital methods and platforms to create brand awareness, the whole process becomes super-fast, smooth and effective. This is where digital branding takes the stage, hand-in-hand with marketing. Read on to know all about how their functions are different yet interlinked. 


Digital Marketing vs Digital Branding

Digital marketing

It comes with a combination of digital strategies and tools to actively promote a brand’s company, service and/or product. It shows ‘how’ the company stands out unique among its competitors. 

Digital Branding 

It simply involves actively shaping a brand digitally. It’s about defining what a company is and ‘why’ its values and missions are unique. The concept works with all the distinct elements of a brand like the company website, logo and more. 

In brief, branding involves building awareness, marketing involves promotion. 


How are Digital Branding and Marketing Two Sides of the Same Coin?

  • Branding comes before marketing

A company can market its brand only after designing it. Hence, brand-building precedes working out marketing strategies. A business has to first focus on the following questions: 

  • What is it as a brand
  • What does it want to bring to the market
  • What its core values are
  • Who the target audience is
  • How it plans to communicate to the target audience

Only after setting these goals, the business can be marketed accordingly. 

  • Marketing catches attention, branding retains it

The digital advertising industry in India is expected to gain a market size of up to 539 billion INR by 2024, according to Statista. So, no doubt, providing lucrative graphics and information-filled content, just a click away, on various digital platforms from Facebook to Twitter, digital marketing is attracting a major audience and turning them into consumers. However, it is 88% of the same consumers, who’re saying that companies must prioritise sustainability in 2021. Hence, various agencies are emphasising more on digital branding for better marketing.

  • Marketing boosts sales, branding boosts loyalty

Marketing works on immediate or short-term goals like driving sales. However, branding comes with a long-term approach like building recognition and faith. Marketing deals with concrete aspects (services/products) while branding deals with the ideas behind them. Hence, branding practices keep reminding the audience time and again about the ‘motive’ behind what’s being marketed. When these motives match the consumers’ needs, they remain loyal to the company’s services.  

  • Marketing ways come and go, branding is constant

The marketing strategies of a business have to differ. If they remain constant, they cannot evolve with the changing needs of the consumers with changing times. But branding is always constant in defining the brand’s perception to the audience and retaining their interests in the provided services.


Overall, branding helps build a meaningful long-term relationship with the consumers while marketing works to evolve this relationship with the evolving times and demands. Brand activism is the stalk of a business on which the petals of marketing attract the humming audience. Branding constantly works to nourish a business before it blossoms. 



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