How and why promotional bags came into existence

Nine times out of ten you leave your house for some errand; chances are you will be carrying some kind of backpack with you. Be it a handbag, a laptop bag or even a satchel, bags are now one of the few items without which one cannot go anyplace important. Whether it’s a purse, school bag, custom laptop bag or a travelling backpack, bags come in a variety of types and designs to serve multiple purposes.

The importance of bags can be witnessed by the fact that since ancient times, mankind made numerous varieties of bags. The use of hamondeys and tasques dates back to the 14th century. Many religious books mention drawstring bags which were the earliest types of purses used for storing money. These varieties have evolved as people found discovered new materials and invented new designs that could better serve their purposes.

Today thanks to technology, there is a broad range of bags for every possible purpose. From garbage bags made specifically to carry all our waste to thermal bags that can maintain the temperature of its contents, nowadays there exists a rich diversity that our forefathers never had the opportunity to enjoy. With a few clicks of buttons, we can shop for designer bags, wallets and backpacks online in different sizes, shapes and colours – all of this while sitting in our homes or offices.

Since ancient times the primary reason behind making new types of bags was to take never-before carried items everywhere in a comfortable and convenient manner. That changed some centuries ago when people started matching beautifully hand-crafted bags with their outfits. This was when bags began to be used for a second purpose – as fashion statements.

A few years ago, people began to take notice how every bag carried a symbol unique to its owner. Bag makers were receiving appreciation from people who liked their designs. It didn’t take long for this trend to catch on. Fashion designers started branding their bags with unique signatures and every bag manufacturer started imprinting its products with its business logo.

This gave birth to the concept of promotional bags – bags made specifically to promote a business, that would serve as an “on the go”, free advertisement. Today, promotional bags are ubiquitous. Whether you are in an office, a restaurant, a park or on the street, it’s hard to find a single duffel bag, shopping bag or custom laptop bag that doesn’t bear a logo or text of any kind.

Nowadays, promotional bags are one of the best ways to reach a newer audience. From gifting employees at various team-building events to distributing them at trade shows and exhibitions, small and large companies try to find new ways to use bags to endorse their products and services. There is a new trend of corporate enterprises giving away promotional bags at every big or small event. These businesses now order bulk quantities of school bags, shopping bags and backpacks online before any such event.

Today promotional merchandise manufacturers give such companies the option to personalize the ordered bags. Corporate can select from different shapes, sizes, materials, colours, purposes as well as add custom text or logo so that the final product reflects their brand’s image.



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