Hire a Tire Disposal Company and Recycle Your Tires

Every year, millions of used-up, abandoned, and scrap tires get discarded in landfills. Given the long-term durability of tires, they don’t readily deteriorate like many other types of waste. Consequently, as they continue to languish there, they are liable to create numerous environmental and health problems over the years. To avoid exacerbating the issue, you should make a point of sending your unwanted tires to a recycling facility rather than to a landfill.

You can contact one of the several companies that undertake tire disposal in Houston and have them collect your tires for recycling. The recycled rubber from the tires finds many uses and applications.

Hiring a Junk Removal Company for Tire Disposal in Houston

Junk removal companies are convenient as they can come over to your property to pick up the tires you want to dispose of. Their professional crew will do all the heavy lifting that comes with the territory and save you the pains of a sprained back. Also, they have large-sized trucks that can accommodate tires of various sizes. You would have a difficult time trying to transport large tires in the backseat of your small car, even assuming you managed to fit one in.

Most junk removal companies will give you an upfront price for their services. The price will be dependent on your location and the amount of work they will need to put in to take away your tires. Generally, though—unless you have quite a collection of tires—it will be in the affordable range.

You will have to pay them before they undertake the tire removal.

Uses of Recycled Rubber from Tires

While the long-term durability of tires makes them an environmental hazard, it also gives the recycled rubber an enduring quality that spells well for the products it is subsequently used for.

There are a surprising number of things that can be made from the recycled tire rubber. You can use it as an industrial feedstock to make a variety of molded rubber products. Moreover, the recycled rubber is useful for making rubber flooring, rubberized pavers, and rubberized asphalt roads and playground surfaces. These surfaces have good shock absorbing properties.

The recycled rubber is also used as backfill in construction projects and as rubber landscape mulch. Another great use is deriving fuel from the recycled rubber to run mills, power plants, and kilns. Sheets made from the recycled rubber have been found to be effective for use in soundproofing homes and commercial premises.

As you see, there currently are plenty of uses for the recycled rubber from abandoned tires. With further technological advances, we will probably discover better ways to repurpose the rubber. Hopefully, it will make even more of a positive difference than what is being done now.

By hiring a company for tire disposal in Houston and ensuring that your tires go to a recycling facility rather than to a landfill, you are definitely helping to conserve our natural resources and to build a healthier, greener environment for everyone.


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