Here’s How to Incorporate Natural Stone into Your Exteriors


For centuries, natural stones are used in a wide range of applications, including exterior and interiors, for good reasons. In fact, it has been the prime building material. Many great monuments are made of natural stone and still looking beautiful. It is a true testament to the strength, durability, and endless lustre of natural stones like marble, granite, quartz, and super white granite.

Today, we can see designers and property owners choosing natural stones over other building materials for a range of reasons. Using natural stones in building construction both indoors and outdoors offers a plethora of benefits. Here we have shared a few ideas for incorporating natural stone like Super white dolomite into your exteriors:-

Outdoor Benchtop

While a natural stone kitchen countertop is a popular choice, it can also be used in outdoor kitchen and bar area designs. Yes, natural stones look great and are a classic and timeless choice. In fact, natural stones are renowned for adding real value to your alfresco option. In addition to it, natural stones ensure a functional level as they are hard-wearing, long-lasting, and durable. They can withstand harsh use and abuse that will be experienced on a daily basis.

In short, natural stones are perfect for outdoor applications because they can withstand extreme weather conditions, making it worth investing. Since natural stones come in a range of colours, patterns, and materials, it is a good idea to choose the one that suit your home’s exterior.

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor heating is a must-have option for homeowners who have large backyard and want to make it usable throughout the year, regardless of the reason. Of course, you or your guest won’t catch cold. But, you won’t be sticking around for a long time if it’s freezing cold outside. With a fireplace made of natural stones, party with your friends and family anytime without having to worry about the weather. Moreover, not only you’ll be able to add a stylish and luxurious element in your outdoor area, you can keep yourself and your family comfortable while enjoying outdoors.


Is there any better option to add a seating area in your garden than super white marble, granite? By adding natural stone benches to your garden, you will make a statement while enhancing the natural appeal of the backyard. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions.

Stone Pond

Creating a spectacular water feature in your outdoors can be the focal point of your entire backyard or garden. Why not add a rock pond in your outdoors? Apart from looking stunning and beautiful, it also helps to boost the value of the property.

Hope you are inspired. But, it can be challenging to choose the right natural stone for outdoor applications. However, we can make the process easier for you. Contact Avant stone and let us help you select the ideal stone.

NihilRawal is a director of Avant Stone, the leading marble supplier in Sydney. To find out more about super white granite, visit


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