HDMI Extender Over Cat5 – A High Quality Solution to Your Home Theater Connection Problems

Though HDMI technology is the de facto standard to connect HD devices and digital displays, it does come with some restrictions. HDMI experts advice against the use of long HDMI cables in home theater setup as it affects the quality of the signal. The solution to this problem is using an HDMI Extender over Cat5 also known as HDMI Extender over Ethernet.

Let’s take a detailed look at this technology and see what advantages it offers for a home theater setup.

What is HDMI Extender over Ethernet (Cat cable)?

An HDMI Extender over Cat is a set of two devices which allows you to route HDMI signals over Cat cables that are less expensive than HDMI cables. The 2 basic components of the HDMI extender over Ethernet are – Receiver and Transmitter. Here are functional details of the components.

· Transmitter- the HDMI signal from HD device is fed into a transmitter which then travels through buffer amp that transmits the signal over Cat cable.

· Receiver – the input from RJ45 is connector is fed into compensation circuit that further transmits it over the HDMI output port that connects to your digital display.

Why Use Ethernet Cables When HDMI Cables Are Available?

Though the use of HDMI cables is recommended wherever possible, using Ethernet cable to transmit HDMI signal is more practical in some cases.

· Cover Long Distance- Signal degradation is one of the problems when using HDMI cables of longer lengths. According to experts, the reliable length of HDMI cables is around 50 feet but it is difficult to find HDMI cable measuring 50 feet even in leading stores. The maximum length of HDMI cables which is easily available is 25 feet. With HDMI Extender over Cat5, Ethernet cables can be successfully used to transmit HD signals over long distances.

· Pre-installed Ethernet Cables – Many new homes have pre-installed Ethernet cables. Hence, it is practical to use existing Ethernet cables rather than investing in expensive HDMI cables.

· Ethernet Cables Are Easy to Terminate- The tools required to terminate the Ethernet cable and install RJ45 connectors are easily available. On the other hand, HDMI cables have around nineteen pins and it would be a difficult task to fix HDMI connectors in the right way.

· Ability to Transmit Other Signals- The HDMI Extender over Ethernet devices can also transmit other signals like SPDIF Audio or Infrared over Cat5 cables. This is an added advantage as you will not be required to lay a separate network of cables to link devices like Audio receivers(with only Optical inputs) that use signals like Toslink Audio with HDMI or Infrared signals.

There is no doubt HDMI Extender over Cat5 is a pretty good alternative for your home theater setup especially when your entertainment devices are spread across the house in different rooms. The big question is when the cheap alternative of Cat5 cables is available, why spend more on for HDMI cables for the sake of it.

Do you agree with the use of HDMI Extender over Cat5 in place of HDMI cables?


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