Handy Guide for Choosing the Perfect Gym Tote Bag

Gym bags for women have come a long way from ugly looking sacks to stylish yet functional regular accessories. Especially, gym tote bags are a perfect carrier for women having active lifestyles and committed to health, fitness, and stress-free life. If you are still looking for that ideal gym tote or want to know more to make it work for various purposes, then this guide will be helpful for you.

Material and space

There is no need to purchase a new bag every season because it did not last for long. The bag should be made with strong materials such as ballistic nylon. When you are juggling from home to gym to the office and then hanging out with friends and then back home with your gym bag in tow, you need to choose a bag that can resist a significant amount of tear and wear.

One of the reasons these bags are becoming popular – they have dedicated compartments for packing all the essentials and when purchasing check whether the bag has multiple compartments to keep your essential gym items. The ideal gym tote bag should be having a separate compartment for sweaty gear and must be on the outer side. The sweat should not be mingling with other stuff or even make your bag a smelly sack that can cause you embarrassment. The main compartment should have enough space to store multiple outfits, for instance, if you want outfits for a week then your gym tote must have space to fit all the outfits comfortably. Check out the separate spaces for keys, wallets, phone, water bottles, valuables (fleece-lined pocket), toiletries, and small compartments for other items. You can also put a yoga mat and look for the removable straps to hold your yoga mat properly for more versatility with your tote. If you want to carry your laptop then check out for padded compartment that keeps your laptop safe.

Size and stylish

The ideal size of the bag should be 22 inches length and at least 12 inches in height to offer enough comfort and space. The width of the base can be 11 to 12 inches and with these size dimensions and the material used in the bag, the perfect weight should be 3 to 3.5 lbs.

You can get a gym tote bag in various styles and can even use a single bag for all your needs ranging from workout, office, traveling, and many others. Pick a color that complements your office and gym outfits and shades like black, grey, and blue will be the perfect one for your tote. If you need to visit various places like coffee shop, office or any other place post your workout daily, you must be able to kart around your stylish tote with flamboyance. Your gym tote bag should not look odd when you will be carrying during travels. Choose a one that has a simple and elegant design and has enough space to put your activewear, jeans, or other outfits that use daily or during your travels.


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