Halloween Night Road Safety Tips from Personal Injury Lawyer


Halloween nights are fun! With the Halloween season approaching fast it’s time for costumes, candy, decorations, get-together at parties, knock the neighbor’s doors for treats, pull pranks and much more. Sadly, the Halloween season also poses many dangers, especially if you reside in a suburban area. This is because, many Halloween party-goers do not pay attention to the roads, or neither do they wear reflective clothing, but with proper planning, these hazards can be avoided. Here are a few tips from the personal injury attorney in Grants –

Avoid Drunken Driving

According to the federal data, most motor vehicle accidents on Halloween happen due to a drunk driver. This is instructed by the law enforcement almost several hundred times, still some people drink and drive during the season. If you have boozed enjoying the themed cocktails, avoid driving your vehicle. Even if you have just taken two shots, you will likely have alcohol concentration in your blood, where you might put yourself and other people at risk. Get a designated driver to avoid any tragic crash.

Obey Road Safety Rules

Traffic signals, stop signs and speed limits must be carefully observed to make a complete stop and have a balanced driving. Avoid aggressive driving, as it will hard to notice a person in dark costume walking along the roadside. Drivers must operate the vehicle in extra slow at residential neighborhoods or in areas that invite large numbers of pedestrians. Supposing you have got struck with an accident, get in touch with the experts from personal injury law firm Grants NM.

Follow Pedestrian Rules

There are laws for pedestrians too. Failing to keep up to the pedestrian traffic laws also increases the chances of getting involved in an accident. So, pedestrians should stick to the walkway. Also, use indicated crosswalks at busy roads!

Keep Away from Distractions

Whether you are walking on the road or driving, it is essential to avoid distractions that distracts your attention and puts you at the risk of accidents. So, drivers must avoid using cellphones, or carrying out any activities that takes their eyes off the road. Similarly, pedestrians should keep their heads up and avoid using ear phones which puts you at the risk of ignoring the sounds on roads.

Take Care of the Kids

Parents must be very careful with children on the road, especially during the Halloween night, as they are the most at risk for pedestrian accidents. Also, educate your kids on the traffic safety rules and never allow children under the age of 12 to go out unsupervised. During the Halloween season, use reflective tape on the kid’s costumes to make them noticeable to the motorists, also avoid costumes that slog on the ground or restricts their movement.

Hopefully these road safety tips from the car accident lawyers in Grants will help you during the Halloween season. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, get in touch with the personal injury attorneys today!

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