Hair removal: the necessity to fashion

Hair grows at various parts of the body, including the head, eyebrow, chest, armpits, genitals, etc., but not everywhere are they required. So, hair removal has been a requirement since ancient times. The first hair removal was probably practiced around 20, 000 years ago, though not in the same manner as it is done today.

With time, hair removal methods have seen advancements and will keep doing. Like earlier, they were perhaps done with the help of sharp objects, but today you have multiple tools for easy hair removal. The long list includes shaving with a razor, plucking, waxing with the strips, sugaring, etc.

Hair Removal Timeline: Emerging Techniques

Egyptians are known for their inventions and making the society civilized by creativity. They did the same for hair removal techniques. Historians have traced the use of tweezers made of seashells, pumice stones, etc. by the royal class of Egyptians. Moving to the global timeline, one of the initial easy hair removal methods used was shaving invented by the cave dwellers around 30 000 B.C. initially, they used the razors made up of Flint, which was later transformed into the copper razors in around 3000 B.C.

Then came the act of tweezing in around 500 B.C for which various tools were used depending upon the availability of the objects around them. In Egypt, the Middle East, and Asia, it became more popular as threading, and this is still in use. The method was then followed by the homemade depilatory creams made up of Arsenic and quicklime until the commercially marketed creams were not invented in the 1940s.

These methods were advanced when in 60 B.C; the Egyptian women discovered sugaring as the new method for removing the hair. Sugaring was then somewhere lost in the popularity of waxing, which took off from a salon in New York.

Hair Removal- the New Era

The accessibility to hair removal techniques has made it a regular thing now. Though there are methods that vary according to prices, it is no more an activity that only the royal families do. Instead, there are salons, studios, and centers dedicated to different forms of hair removal. In fact, several hair removal techniques like waxing, threading, and creams are performed in the comfort of the home. The easy to use hair removal products by Veet are encouraging the activity and making the process convenient.

Now, the availability of several hair removal techniques has created a dilemma on which one to use. People are often confused between shaving and waxing, the two popular methods. For this, the experts suggest that you choose the one in which you are comfortable. For a slight idea, shaving is quite more relaxed and less time taking, but hair growth is comparatively fast. Waxing is a bit time taking and needs some effort but restricts the hair growth for quite a time. Besides these two, Veet body hair removal cream makes the task easiest and quickest.



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