Given the cost saving potential across different processes and operations, the cell and advanced therapies supply chain management market is projected to grow at an annualized rate of ~25% rapid till 2030

Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on Cell and Advanced Therapies Supply Chain Management Market: Focus on Technological Solutions (Cell Orchestration Platforms, Enterprise Manufacturing Systems, Inventory Management Systems, Laboratory Information Management Systems, Logistics Management Systems, Patient Management Systems, Quality Management Systems, Tracking & Tracing Systems, and Other Software), 2019-2030, covering key aspects of the industry’s evolution and identifying potential future growth opportunities.


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Key Market Insights

  • Presently, over 160 innovative, software-enabled systems are being used to efficiently manage and streamline various aspects of the complex supply chain of cell and advanced therapies
  • Company involved in this domain are putting in significant efforts to develop advanced software solutions and also differentiate their offerings, from those of other industry players, in order to maintain a competitive edge
  • North America is the major hub of innovation in this field, serving as the base for companies of all sizes, which are primarily engaged in developing cloud-based solutions for diverse applications
  • The cell and advanced therapies market is characterized by an elaborate value chain, involving a multitude of processes and several stakeholders, each having a discrete set of priorities and requirements
  • Increase in partnership activity reflects the growing interest of stakeholders in this industry; over 50% of reported deals were established to deploy software solutions for enhancing visibility and supply chain performance
  • An analysis of recent activity on Twitter reveals the increasing interest and ongoing efforts of industry stakeholders in providing needle-to-needle traceability and supply chain orchestration solutions
  • Given their cost saving potential across different processes and operations, we expect the cell and advanced therapy supply chain solutions market to grow at an annualized rate of around 25% over the next decade
  • In the mid-long term, the projected opportunity is anticipated to be well distributed across various global regions, different end uses / applications and mode of deployment of various proprietary software solutions


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Table of Contents



1.1.                  Scope of the Report

1.2.                  Research Methodology

1.3.                  Chapter Outlines




3.1.                  Context and Background

3.2.                  An Introduction to Cell and Advanced Therapies

3.2.1.               Classification of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

3.2.2.               Current Market Landscape


3.3.                  Overview of Cell and Advanced Therapies Supply Chain

3.3.1.               Donor Eligibility and Selection

3.3.2.               Sample Collection

3.3.3.               Manufacturing

3.3.4.               Logistics

3.3.5.               Patient Verification and Treatment


3.3.6.               Challenges Associated with the Cell and Advanced Therapies Supply Chain            Process Standardization            Packaging and Shipping Qualification            Validation of Storage Containers            Process Qualification            Chain of Custody Documentation            Demand Forecastin

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