Get The Best Mobility And Home Healthcare Equipment In The UK At Clearwell Mobility

Clearwell Mobility ( is the fastest growing business in the UK that offers home healthcare equipment and walking aids for the elderly and other users. Besides walking aids, they also have wheelchairs, scooters, and stairlifts, and many more. To ensure quality experience, the company only uses premium, durable materials from well-known brands to make their products.

One of the top picks from this company is its walking aids, which have several different kinds and accessories. Some of the walking aids available in their store are sticks, canes, crutches, and rollators. The shop also has walking aids that people can use both indoors and outdoors. With each category, clients can choose the types of walking aids they need and fit their conditions.

Aside from walking aids, Clearwell Mobility also offers wheelchairs. Clients can choose from their wide variety of self-propelled, transportable, and active users from the top names in the industry. Their selection of wheelchairs is appropriate for various users and conditions, whether for temporary users or permanent and active users.

Furthermore, they also have scooters. Whether portable, for pavement and road legal scooters, clients can choose from their wide range of mobility scooters, designed for almost any user and conditions. Suitable for a wide range of users and requirements, their mobility scooters are designed to offer users a new element of freedom.

Lastly, Clearwell Mobility has stairlifts. They offer professional or impartial advice with the help of all their engineers and advisors who are manufacturer trained to make sure clients get the best lift for their needs. Their services run from the planning stage through offering aftercare support. Being an independent retailer, they have access to multiple suppliers, which allows them to provide clients with the best stairlift solution for their needs.

To achieve impeccable customer satisfaction, Clearwell Mobility makes sure that they can serve their clients’ needs. As a result,  all their products are available for delivery, for UK clients. According to their website, “At Clearwell, we appreciate that you want to take delivery of your order quickly. That’s why we have invested in our distribution centre and stock holdings so that we can despatch your goods quickly and efficiently. We also offer an overnight Express Delivery option to cater for those urgent requirements.”

For more information about their products and their specifications, visit their website at


About Clearwell Mobility

Clearwell Mobility is one of the leading suppliers of mobility and home healthcare equipment in the UK. They have 12 shops across the South East that aim to provide the highest quality of customer services and assistance, whether on their physical stores, over the phone or the internet. To achieve this, every store has accredited employees that become Community Equipment Dispenser, which means they can provide professional guidance regarding mobility and healthcare equipment. For inquiries, you may fill out their contact form at Alternatively, you can talk to one of their representatives by calling 01444 253 300.

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