Get RS Deathtouched Dart & Others from Premier Club 2021

Some special rewards are given to Premier Club members once a month. This month members can enjoy RS Deathtouched Dart and other rewards.

March’s Monthly Drop from RS Premier Club

RS Premier Club is an enhanced membership subscription available until March 1st. Gold Premier Club members can access the Premier Club Vault to gain some rewards once a month, including experience lamps, stars and skilling packs. Players who purchased only the bronze or silver tier are given an option to upgrade past March 1st.
This month players with Gold Premier Club membership can enjoy the March’s Monthly Drop:
1,000 Oddments
A Deathtouched Dart
A Yak Track Task Skip Token

How to use RS Deathtouched Dart?

After obtaining RS deathtouched dart, players can use the dart to kill almost any in-game monster with one hit. The deathtouched dart can be used on most quest bosses outside and inside the Dominion Tower, and most non-quest and minigame bosses. Using a deathtouched dart does not give combat XP; however, killing an appropriate Slayer target will still give Slayer XP.

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