Get Actual Nadra Divorce Certificate From Union Council With Nazia Law Associate

Everyone in the world retains the doubt any document obviously you cannot stop someone to doubt an authenticity of a document especially when someone has paid for a document. When a person in Pakistan is issued a Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan after the due process of law and after following the divorce process in Pakistan he retains the right to get it checked. Divorce certificate in Pakistan is issues through NADRA software and contains some special features through which it can be checked. Through Nadra Divorce Certificate online verification  you can check if the divorce certificate issued to a person is original or fake. In the past the paper used for the divorce certificate was itself enough to check the authenticity of the divorce certificate in Pakistan because the paper contained a silver strip just like in Pakistani currency paper but now the paper used for the divorce certificate in Pakistan is changed because this time its not the paper through which you can check the authenticity but it’s the online verification system of NADRA to check the originality of the certificate.

If someone wants to check the authenticity of a divorce certificate in Pakistan he or she can take such certificate in the NADRA office nearby ask them to check if the divorce certificate was the original one or the fake certificate. If a person is residing abroad he can take the divorce certificate in the Pakistani embassy and ask them to check the authenticity of the divorce certificate. Pakistani embassies abroad also have the Nadra database installed through which they can check that the certificate in your hand is original or not. One of the other way to check the authenticity of a Nadra divorce certificate is to take that certificate in the office from where it is issued they after checking the record will update you if the record for such Pakistani divorce certificate exists or not. If record exist it means it is authentic otherwise the divorce certificate in hand is not original.

The divorce certificate also contains a link at the bottom of the paper which says that you can check the status of this certificate online but unfortunately that link is not working from a long time. Don’t know the exact reason why this link is not working but have heard that some people started misusing this link and some data through this link was misused due to which the government is not making this link operational. Nadra divorce certificate verification online system is installed at all Nadra offices which can be easily accessible so you have to personally visit this office to double check the authenticity of the divorce certificate in Pakistan. There is no Nadra divorce certificate verification online system available currently but if someone is in serious need to check if the certificate is original or not then the only mode available is to spare some time and personally visit the Nadra office.


The Advocates in Lahore Pakistan said that the Central Government may by Notification in the Official Gazette appoint different dates for bringing into force different provisions of the Act but our sins quickly caught up.

All the provisions of the Advocates in Lahore Pakistan have been duly brought into force – all save section 30 (Right of Advocates to Practice): even after more than forty years this statutory provision has remained a dead letter: the valuable right intended to be conferred, remains on the statute-book but without legal force. Attempts to persuade successive Governments at the Centre to notify Section 30 have not been successful. In August 1988, a Division Bench of two Justices of the Supreme Court was persuaded to issue a Writ in the nature of mandamus to the Central Government to consider within a period of six months whether Section 30 of the Advocates in Lahore Pakistan, should not be brought into force but the Writ proved to be infructuous since it was brought to the Court’s notice that in an earlier judgment rendered by a Bench of Justices, the Court had ruled that no mandamus would lie against Government compelling it to bring into force enacted law). In exasperation, the Bar Council of Pakistan took the unprecedented step of calling for a one-day strike by lawyers throughout the country for bringing into force Section 30 of the Advocates in Lahore Pakistan Act as enacted.




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