Five Signs That You Should Visit Your Dentist in Northern Virginia

If you’re one of that 65 % of people who avoid visiting a dental clinic because of various reasons, then you should remember that dentist in Northern Virginia plays a vital role to maintain one’s overall dental health, which has a direct bond with our physical wellbeing. You might be aware that ADA recommends having a dental checkup once in 6 months for your optimal health and oral hygiene. While it should be your normal practice, here are five signs when you need to see your dentist.

Dental Pain

If you’re suffering from a toothache or paining gums, it’s vital for you to contact a dentist in Northern Virginia for needed checkup and management that helps ease the problem. As experienced by dentists that under such circumstances, instead of visiting a dental clinic, numbers of people prefer consuming painkillers available over the counter in medicine shops. Dental pain can occur only when there is some kind of infection or may be due to the dental cavity, inflammation caused by infectivity and that needs to be addressed as a complete solution whereas putting off to get a needful treatment could be more expensive for you in future.

Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is quite common and mostly experienced as you take cold or hot foods and it’s relatively a harmless issue, however, ignoring the matter will simply extend your suffering. Tooth sensitivity for having heat or cold is a good sign of a broken tooth, a dental filling that has gone malformed, tooth erosion, or even gum disease. No panic, make an appointment and meet your friendly dentist in Northern Virginia for needed diagnose and treatment.

Bleeding Gums

Once again, bleeding gums are signs of gingivitis or periodontal diseases which are serious oral health issues and if remain untreated, it can ruin your gum bone, entire oral hygiene and lead to tooth loss. Any time, while brushing your teeth or having floss if you see blood is coming out or experience a metallic taste while chewing something, mind that it’s a sign of gingivitis or periodontitis that causes swelling and bleeding gum. Without delaying further, get in touch with a specialized dentist in Northern Virginia for examination and treatment.

Health Changes

Being diagnosed with diabetes, mind well that you are at risk for having a severe gum problem like periodontal disease (maybe not detected or you’ve simply ignored the issue) which can make it more challenging for your general physician to control blood sugar. In fact, the presence of blood sugar and diabetes are damaging to each other and the particularly periodontal disease usually exacerbates blood sugar level. Thereby, it’s most important for anyone with diabetes to see a dentist in Northern Virginia to have an oral check up and if any gum problem is found and treated that will eventually help to control your diabetes too. Similarly, if you experience a dry mouth as a side effect of medication or due to aging, you are vulnerable to tooth decay or other oral health problem. So, it’s another good sign that you should not ignore and meet a dentist in northern Virginia.

Bad Breath

If you experience persistent bad breath it could be an early sign of gingivitis. However, it can equally be caused by the general loss of oral hygiene due to ineffective brushing and flossing. Having a dental visit helps you attain an effective dental cleaning service that uplifts your dental health and stops bad breath.


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