Five Signs that Tell Your Wastewater Lift Station Needs Maintenance

Sewage lift station is the most significant part of the modern sewage system. Lift stations need regular maintenance and cleaning as it constantly pumps raw sewage from lower to higher elevation so that it flows along the sewers. The functions of a lift station involve complexity and therefore it needs regular maintenance.

Understanding the Basics of a Wastewater Lift Station

You can find a sewage lift station below the sewage drain or septic tank of a building. The lift station helps to evacuate the waste from below with a number of components. It uses a pump to lift the sewage upwards, a receiving well to collect the wastewater and a control panel with an alarm.

Lift stations function accurately when it is clean and maintained regularly. However, problems can arise even if there is regular maintenance. There can be problems with the pumping system, water alarm, septic lift pipes, and other components.

Problems with the Wastewater Lift Station

You will know it is time to seek professional assistance for your wastewater lift station in Houston, if you face the following problems with the sewage lift station.

Water or sewage backups

When there is a blockage in the sewer pipe, it can lead to overflowing sewage. Pump failure is another reason that leads to sewage blocks.

Strong foul odor

When the drains are blocked, it causes a strong foul odor from the basement and bathrooms. This is a clear indication that you need to call in professionals to check for the underlying problem and solve it as quickly as possible.

High-level alarm

Another important sign that indicates problem with the wastewater lift station is the sound of the high-level alarms. This indicates that the water level in the sump is rising and the pumps are not functioning accurately.

Slow drainage

Over a period, drainage of water slows down which indicates an underlying problem. It is important to choose the services of a professional to solve the issue.


Septic lift components tend to deteriorate over a period, as sewage materials are particularly corrosive. Most of the hardware fittings and even the receiving well tend to corrode in due course of time. It is therefore essential to check the status of these components from time to time.

Apart from these five important signs, you can also check for worn out motors, corroded pipes, and problems with the pressure switch, check valves and so forth. You can also check for the runtimes of the pumps. Any changes in the functions of the pumps could indicate lack of efficiency or other problems that need quick attention. Sometimes, the pumps can also create vibrations and excess noise indicating the need for maintenance.

Sewage lift stations, which have complex designs, require a team of professionals for troubleshooting. You can find an array of professionals to maintain your wastewater lift station in Houston.


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