Five Reasons Why Online Quran Learning is the Best

I live with my family in a house which is not in the city centre. It has always been a struggle to find a Qari (Quran teacher) to come over to help my son revise his Hifz lessons. To come this far, they would demand higher salaries and sometimes the time slots they gave us would clash with my son’s cricket class. Going to an institute was too time consuming to be an option.

Not only did you acquire the master of the city’s famous Koran, but the experience in general was incredible! After my son finished the lesson, I recorded the voice of the lesson for later review with my son. I was happy to use integrated lessons! Where we stayed and my son learned to browse the site using the computer!

FaizanulQuran is one of the options available online. There are many people you can use. However, here is a breakdown of all the benefits of using an online Quran lesson with the Quran.

1-No travel time

We learned lessons from the comfort of the house! My son was tired of coming and going from these classes, but now he has reduced travel time completely! He’s got plenty of time to play and he’s happy.

2-Well-qualified teachers

Now we have one of the most wanted among the poor, and there was no way he could come home! But in , you can invite her to our house every day for an hour! Select to view the online teachers of the resumes to upload. You can also run a free trial class to ensure that the teacher is right for your child.

3- Affordable fee

Saving money was one of my biggest advantages. We pay the hours worked and the salary structure does not change according to the region where you live!


If we are too late to return from the cricket class, we have to go to your mother’s house, or if the son is invited to play, we can do the Qur’an wherever we are. Turn on your laptop and sign in wherever you are. Now there is no missing class.


My son, as an online student, developed self-discipline, spontaneity and time management. Each of these problems can be very useful as you enter the business world. And I couldn’t be happy!



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