Five Indicating Signs to Call Septic Tank Cleaning Company

As a septic tank is underground and obviously out of sight, it is quite natural for most homeowners to neglect it. In some cases, your septic tank might never give you problems, but it requires periodic maintenance as repercussions can be quite severe. It is essential to eliminate the solid waste that deposit at the bottom of the tank by pumping and cleaning it periodically. There is no substitute for pumping your septic tank as most of the septic tank additives and enzymes only aggravate or mask the issue.

It is essential to clean and pump your septic tanks every one to three years. The time may vary according to the size of the septic tank and the number of occupants in your home. A septic tank separates wastewater and solid waste. It allows the wastewater to enter the soil. You need to remove the solid waste from the tank periodically before it settles down and becomes sludge. Calling professional septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas is a wise idea. Nevertheless, how do you know when to call in the professionals?

When to Call a Septic Tank Cleaning Professionals

Depending on the size and number of users, the septic tank needs periodic cleaning and maintenance. Adhering to this rule will help you to save money, time, and hassles. A professional septic service provider can give you a pumping and maintenance schedule.

Bad Odor

If you notice sewage odor from your yard or in and around your house, it is time to call septic service providers as quickly as possible. Bad odor emanates from your home or yard when your septic tank clogs or fills up.

Slow draining

This is another sign that tells you to call in professional septic tank cleaners before it is too late. Sluggish draining of dishwashers, washing machines, tubs, toilets, and kitchen sinks is an obvious indication that you need to pump your septic tank quickly.

Standing water

When water starts pooling in and around the septic tank and your property, it is a sure sign that you need to pump and clean your tank immediately.

Green grass over the drain field

You can be sure that there is a leakage of wastewater into your lawn if the grass on top of the septic tank is unusually greener than the other parts of your garden.

Sewage backup

Sewage backup in toilets, kitchens and other places in and around your property is quite possible if you ignore warning signs. This is perhaps one of the worst signs that you would like to experience.

It is very important to call septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas if you experience any of the signs mentioned above in and around your property. Neglecting maintenance schedule can aggravate your problem. You may need to replace your septic tank, which can be quite a costly affair. With regular maintenance and pumping, your septic tank will function smoothly and effectively saving you a lot of money and hassles.


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