Five Good Reasons for Choosing a Burial Insurance in Texas

If you’re wondering whether you should be equipped with a Burial Insurance in Texas, then the simple answer is, of course, you should. Provided you expect to depart your family loved behind worried about the huge funeral expenses, it makes you sensible and boosts your personality. To make you understand, here we will focus on five major causes of choosing the policy.

It makes funeral job affordable

According to the latest report received from the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), it shows an average burial cost including funeral work is around $7,860 which can escalate up to $9,755. Lots of money goes for buying a casket, flowers, urns, and others for your final sendoff. The biggest advantage of choosing burial insurance in Texas is that it virtually requires no medical test, while you are required to clarify a few questions only regarding your health history in the agreement form. Apart from spending the money for your final expenses, the remaining part can be effectively used for paying your outstanding bills, debts, legal costs, debts, and more.

The option of choosing the beneficiary

Almost all burial insurance policies allow the policyholder to choose a beneficiary. On your death, the entire cash benefit is sent to the person directly as chosen by you in your policy. Choosing a family member who is trusted should be picked up as your beneficiary to ensure that the money received is used properly. According to the situation, you can also choose a preneed policy that allows you to assign your burial policy to some particular funeral home. In that case, the funds go to the chosen funeral home that arranges for your burial work. The remaining money is paid to your family members once all services are completed.

The flexibility of the policy

The procedure of having burial insurance in Texas is quite easy and straightforward. Once you choose the provider, meet them personally, and understand the details of the terms and condition, if you feel satisfied, fill the policy agreement and sign the same. If you’ve any physical disability or unable to visit in-person, there is an option to complete the agreement form online. By and large, most policies contain 10-15 health-related questions that you need to answer in yes or no style. You need to pay the premium amount and also give bank details. Another good advantage is, even if you leave the place where you’ve taken the policy, the cash benefit will be sent to your beneficiary wherever you live.

Borrowing against the cash value

Given, burial insurance in Texas functions relatively similar to whole life insurance policies, naturally as time goes; it will accumulate the cash value of your policy. The insurance policy has the option to borrow money against the tax-free value of your burial insurance policy. Thereby, apart from offering you the coverage of your funeral expenses, you can take a loan against the policy under emergencies too.

Life insurance is not any solution

There are many individuals who don’t give importance to buying burial insurance in Texas, simply because they are prepared with life insurance policies. Here, you need to understand that while you can use a life insurance policy for borrowing loan or you get the whole cash benefit after the expiry of your policy or on your death, it will take at least 1-2 months to get the pay-out officially ready. So, the approach of burial insurance and life insurance is reasonably different. The biggest advantage of having a funeral policy or burial insurance is that it offers you a unique opportunity to keep your family loved stress-free to arrange for your final send-off as the provider pay your funeral benefits within 24-48 hours.


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