Five Facts You Must Know Before Investing in Countertop Edges

Did you know that every little detail of the kitchen goes a long way in determining the overall look and ambience of the cooking space? One detail that often tends to be overlooked is the countertop edges. Countertop edges are taken for granted and are not widely considered while planning the design scheme of the kitchen. However, you would be astonished to realise how much a kitchen countertop edge can influence the spirit of the kitchen.

Read on to find out some interesting facts about kitchen countertop edges.

1) Kitchen countertop edges can have an impact on the overall refurbishment budget

The more detail in the edge design, the more expensive it is. If your kitchen refurbishment project is expected to be completed on a low budget, then simpler edges are best suited. Some of the common, budget-friendly yet effective edge shapes include round edges and single bevelled edges. There are other expensive options like the premium double bevelled edges that add more class and finesse to the kitchen. When it comes to countertop edges, you get what you pay for.

2) Go mild while choosing edges for your countertop

Kitchens with bar countertops are meant to entertain guests and may come into direct contact with the stools of the bar counter. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for mild and rounded countertop edges. The rounded ones are much safer for guests and they act gently upon the bar toad stools too. Some homeowners still opt for complex edges for their bar counters because they believe that it adds more value to the kitchen space. However, there is a compromise drawn irrespective of the choice made.

3) Homes with kids and pets must consider safety

As kids grow up, they like to experiment with the kitchen. They try a dish or two and parents ensure that every aspect of the kitchen is in favour of their experiments. One important factor to be noted is the installation of safe and trimmed countertop edges to make cooking more fun for the little ones.

4) Adding wood to the countertop edges is an amazing idea

Adding wooden countertop edges with or without the laminate insert is one of the most aesthetically appealing choices for your kitchen. The wood when blended in to the laminate countertop edging gives a wow factor and the laminates can be mixed and experimented with to bring a truly artistic feel to the kitchen.

5) Professional looking edges must be obtained from the right source

While investing in edges, it is important to choose a manufacturer who is known for decorative designs and has plenty of options to offer to its clients. The manufacturer must offer custom designs and different styles of countertop edges to enhance the overall look of the kitchen.

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