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Advertising is a core activity in business. It involves informing the world about your enterprise. By advertising, you can spread word about your goods or services. There are many methods of promotion. One of the most popular ones is by using signs. These are wooden, plastic or metallic panels that are decorated in such a way that they pass a message about your business, products or services. Here is more about them.

Types of signs

There are many types of business signs. Each type is applicable for a particular purpose. These types include:

  1. Plywood signs
  2. Fabric signs
  3. Laser cut metal signs
  4. Glass signs

Plywood signs

These signs are made of a thin, pliable and durable type of wood that is known as plywood. They are available in many sizes for example 4′ by 4′. To create a plywood sign, the piece of wood is cut to the dimensions that you prefer. Once this is done, it is painted with your brand message or logo. After the printer penrith completes the painting process, a protective film can be sprayed on to add weather-resistance. This results in a plywood sign that can be hung up or nailed into a frame for public viewing.

Fabric signs

These signs are made of various types of fabric. Examples of these are cotton, nylon, polyester or vinyl. Your business logo or brand name can be applied on a fabric sign using various methods. It can be embroidered on. It can also be printed on the fabric using screen printing methods. Fabric signs are versatile and can contain any type of message, logo or brand message. However, this type of sign requires enthusiastic maintenance. This is so that it does not fade, rip or tear. A major characteristic of fabric signs is that they are very pliable and can be installed upon frames, boxes or other objects.

Laser cut metal signs

Metal can be cut with the assistance of a laser into a sign for your business. Laser cut metal is one of the types of signs used today. The laser follows a digitally-rendered design and cuts a brand name, logo or message into the metal. After the process is over, the metal can be colored and then posted on a frame for advertising purposes. Laser cut metal signs can exude modern or traditional styles depending on your preference. They are also created by specialist fabricators who even offer same day signs.

Glass signs

Glass signs are created by painting logos and brand messages upon glass. Adhesive paints are used to draw, write or stamp business advertisement motifs on glass. The paint is allowed to dry and then primed using a spray film. Glass signs can be placed independently on a frame. They can also be made by simply painting on the windows of your business premises. Glass signs are vivid. However, they are delicate.


Businesses can use various types of signs to advertise their products or services. At the printer penrith, there are many types of signs available today. Some of them are described above.



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