Few Tips to Develop a Search Engine Marketing Strategy in China

Globally, Google dominates the search engine market except for China. The most popular search engine in China is Baidu. However, Baidu has some fierce competitors like Sougo, So.com, and Shenma, who owns a good chunk of market share. Due to differences in the search engine landscape, it becomes challenging to identify the steps required to ensure that your Chinese site ranks higher for your crucial keywords. Below are a few tips for developing a successful strategy for search engine marketing in China.

Identify the correct keywords to target for your brand

For any search marketing strategy, you should begin with some research around the keywords you want to target apart from the general keywords like your organization’s name. Develop ideas aligned with your services and products, and the potential consumers might search for when looking for a business like yours. For instance, a college can target keywords like best degrees for bright career or study abroad applications that are phrases their target audience can search for and relevant to the college’s goal of attracting overseas students. Therefore, it is vital to strike the right chord between your offering here and the audience’s search intent and neither be too broad nor too specific.

Create a mobile-friendly website for your search engine marketing in China

Mobile responsive websites can seamlessly transition between desktop and mobile devices by altering the content and image sizes to fit the screen. Search engines in China place a lot of focus on flexible sites between screens as over 95 percent of the netizens use their mobile to surf the net. Developing a mobile-friendly website means making the experience for smartphone users as seamless and smooth as possible. That includes creating links more accessible to find and click, using the right font size, and removing ads that may feel out of place on a small screen. Websites that are not mobile responsive will not be getting higher search engine rankings, and although you have done your homework on the keywords, you will face problems reaching your target audience.

China’s search engines prefer the results to show up quickly

A website outside China can be accessible; however, due to high security from the Great Firewall of China, the loading speed becomes slower. Therefore, the Chinese search engines overlook the slow loading sites for websites that can be quickly and easily accessible for providing their users with the best experience. The best method to get a faster loading page is hosting your servers in China that first requires a complicated process of getting an ICP license. Instead of getting a license, there are several platforms you can use for creating your site that guarantees fast loading speeds in China, although you cannot host within China. Just do an online search, you will get various platforms and compare the services and the prices before choosing a platform. For further improving the loading speed, remove the ads, optimize images, and reduce redirects that will undoubtedly make a difference.


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