Everything you should know about 4K HDMI splitter

Modern entertainment is delivered digitally to our homes and HDMI has become the standard for cables and connection.  This simple plug-n-play technology has taken the pain out of AV connections and you simply need to plug-in single HDMI cable to enjoy 4K video and high-fidelity sound.

If you have more than one HDTV at home and want to connect every TV with the HDMI source, you will need a 4K HDMI splitter. Let’s find out more about this device and its growing importance in modern home entertainment setup.

Things to know about HDMI interfaces

Do you know HDMI is born out of DVI and SCART? These digital connection technologies had some drawbacks like unable to transmit sound along with picture. This required the user to use separate audio cables that increased the clutter. The arrival of HDMI changed the picture completely as this new technology could transmit high definition picture and sound simultaneously through single cable without affecting the output quality.

What Is 4K HDMI Splitter?

4K HDMI splitter is a device with one HDMI input and two or more HDMI outputs. Today, it is quite common to have more than one HDTV at home.  In a normal home entertainment setup, you need to move the HDMI source from one room to another to enjoy HD content on different HDTV’s in your home. Add a 4K HDMI splitter to your home theater setup and you can enjoy a film played on Blu-ray player in your main entertainment room on any HDTV in your house.

The 4K HDMI splitter allows you to connect one HDMI source to multiple HDTV’s. Since most HDMI devices like Blu-ray player or gaming consoles come with only one HDMI output, the HDMI splitter allows you to split the HDMI signal into multiple streams that can be routed to HDTV’s in different rooms.

Resolutions Supported by 4K HDMI Splitter

The 4K HDMI splitter supports wide range of video resolutions such as 1920X1200, 1080i/p, 720p, 576i/p, 480i/p and 4K resolutions. The splitter is designed to amplify video and audio signals before transmitting them through HDMI ports.

Features in 4K HDMI Splitter

The 4K HDMI splitter supports HDMI features like

·  Deep color – the deep color technology supports 30/36/48 bits per pixel across three RGB colors. This makes the picture look more realistic.

·  3D- the 3D video technology refers to three-dimensional stereoscopic technology that enhances the perception of the depth in the video.

·  x.v.color – it is a new color technology that can display wider range of colors than usual. The 4K HDMI splitter can generate an x.v.color stream if the HDMI source supports it.

·  4K resolution- it refers to video resolution equivalent to 3840 pixels × 2160 lines with an aspect ratio of 16:9

·  High data transfer rate- the 4K HDMI splitter supports data transfer rate up to 2.25 Gbps.

·  High fidelity sound- the 4K HDMI splitter transmits multi-channel surround sound without any loss.

The 4K HDMI splitter is an ideal HD video solution that can be useful at locations like factory, conference rooms, show rooms, education, training and Home Theater.  It does away the need of moving your HDMI source and lets you enjoy HD content on multiple screens simultaneously.

Do you know any other features in 4K HDMI splitter? Please feel free to comment.


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