Epoxy Flooring – Upgrade the Appearance and Function of Your Garage


Did you know improving the flooring of your garage can improve the aesthetic value of your property? Are you looking for an affordable option to transform the appearance of your residential or commercial garage? Epoxy garage floor in Gilbert AZ gives you a break from ugly and boring cement floors and ensures shop-floor shine for your garage.

Why Epoxy Garage Flooring?

Epoxy flooring was used widely in commercial and industrial settings for years. Nowadays, it’s gaining huge popularity among residential customers because the functional benefits from the epoxy garage floor in Gilbert AZ improve property value. Hence, it’s booming for new-home construction and existing home renovations. Sealing a garage floor isn’t a simple task, and it requires experience, professionalism, and the application of good products to ensure an optimal outcome.

Many people get confused and think that epoxy garage floor coating is just an upgraded version of paint. But, a true epoxy treatment is much more than that! Our team uses thermosetting resins. The coating is formed by mixing polyamine hardener with epoxide resin. It gives the desired strength and durability to your garage floors.


Garage epoxy floors done by a licensed contractor can be long-lasting and look good for years without the need for reapplying the paint. This durable product maintains its shine and glos throughout the years with minimal repair and maintenance. In some cases, epoxy staining occurs when it comes in contact with certain materials as well as the hot Arizona sun, but it will not affect the performance or the durability of the floors.

When you hire professionals for garage epoxy flooring or epoxy patio coatings in Phoenix, they should use a multiple coatingprocess. First to level and repair the garage concrete and then lay epoxy on the garage floor to improve the resistance and toughness of the coating. Generally, the first coat is left to cure overnight before applying the second coat of epoxy. Then depending on the style or color you want to achieve, texture is added to the second coat. Finally, a topcoat is applied to improve the appearance, durability, and performance of the epoxy floors. Usually, this coat gives a glossy finish and makes the floor shine. Professional installers add polyurethane to the topcoat to ensure that the coating is resistant to the yellowing effect that occurs when epoxy is exposed to the sun.

Personalize the Color and Appearance

One of the most popular reasons for choosing epoxy garage floors is that homeowners and businesses like to customize their concrete to meet stand out and make their place look unique! There are a variety of color options and decorative patterns available for garage epoxy floors, and they will create ‘wow factor’ with its beautiful shine (metallic epoxy looks sparkly and pearlescent) or can look like marble, speckled, terrazzo, and/or granite

Garage epoxy floor is a durable option, and it could save you time and money over the years. If you are searching for ‘epoxy floor coatings near me,’ click https://www.dreamcoatflooring.com/ now.

The author of this article is a leading installer of the epoxy garage floor in Gilbert AZ, and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he lists the significance of applying epoxy coatings to your garage floors. Visit https://www.dreamcoatflooring.com/ for more information.

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