Elastic Bandages Market Key Manufacturers, Development Trends And Competitive Analysis 2027

Global Elastic Bandages Market: Introduction

An elastic bandage can be defined as a stretchable bandage that is utilized to generate localized pressure. Elastic bandages are frequently used for the treatment of muscle sprains and strains. These bandages cause reduction in the blood flow to a particular body part by applying uniform and stable pressure that can confine swelling at the site of injury. Elastic bandages are classified under Class I type of medical devices. Class I devices are not intended to help, support, or sustain life. Furthermore, their usage does not present any high risk of patient injury.

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Global Elastic Bandages Market: Dynamics

Rise in Incidence Rate of Injuries in All Age Groups

Increase in number of recreational activities such as adventure sports, and trekking results in multiple cuts, abrasion, minor injuries, and wound formation on body parts. In such instances, elastic bandages are needed. Moreover, number of road accidents has increased globally. These accidents can or cannot be fatal. Some of these non-fatal injuries need rapid application of bandages in order to prevent further damage. According to Stanford Children’s Health, more than 3.5 million children aged 14 years and below get hurt annually while playing sports or taking part in recreational activities in the U.S. As per a WHO report, every year around 1.35 million people die globally due to road accidents and between 20 and 50 million people suffer non-fatal injuries. Thus, these factors are likely to result in an increased demand for elastic bandages thereby, boosting the global elastic bandages market.

Increase in Incidences of Domestic and Workplace Injuries

Increase in incidences of domestic as well as workplace injuries are major reasons which needed to deal with elastic bandages. Domestic activities such as cooking in kitchen, daily work at home, fall, burns due to hot drinks/cooking, poisoning due to household products are major source of injuries specially among women and children. As per an article published in A Secure Life, every year, more than 3.4 million children experience an unintentional household injury in the U.S. Similarly, workplace injuries and accidents are major concern today due to industrialization which cause severe non-fatal injuries at workplaces. According to International Labor Organization (ILO), around 2.3 million women and men around the globe succumb to work-related accidents or diseases every year. Hence, the increase in number of incidences of domestic and workplace injuries is likely to expand the global elastic bandage market.

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Global Elastic Bandages Market: Competition Landscape

Major players operating in the global elastic bandages market include 3M, Cardinal Health, Avcor Health Care, Tetra Medical Supply Corp, Paul Hartmann, Covidien, Kerma Medical Products, DeRoyal Industries, BSN Medical Inc., Patterson Medical, DJO Global, Alimed, Andover Healthcare, Anji FangYuan Sanitary Material, Anji Jixiang, Zhejiang Dongyang Dongsheng Medical Dressing, Anji Chaoqiang Bandage Weaving Factory, Hubei Joy Bone Medical Products, and GSPmed Unilene.



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