Driving With The Stars – Is It Safe To Drive In Dubai?

Every once in a while, we get to see Ferraris growling at stoplights or a Rolls Royce prowling on a highway, and we can’t help but take a second look. But in Dubai, this is nothing but a typical scene on the road. The emirate is famous for its richness and grandeur; it is a city that never fails to wow with its endless chain of luxury hotels, sumptuous cuisine, and once-in-a-lifetime adventures, including fire-engine supercars plated in gold. You are driving with the stars in Dubai – Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini; you name it!

Supercars are high-performing vehicles that bring the speed and acceleration game to another level! Just imagine a Bugatti Chiron passing you on the road at a top speed of 304 mph! But considering how common supercars are and how fast they can go, we can’t help but wonder, is it safe to drive in Dubai? This post answers that question and so much more, so read on!

Safe Driving

The United Arab Emirates stands in the middle when it comes to having the safest roads for driving – it is neither one of the safest nor one of the most dangerous.

According to the World Health Organization, 18.1 Emiratis per 100,000 die on the road. This figure is greater than that of the United Kingdom with 3.1, the United States 12.4, and France 5.8 million. On the other hand, India and Venezuela have higher numbers, with 22.6 and 33.7 road deaths per 100,000.

Strict Driving Laws

To minimize accidents in a road where it is common for 4×4 vehicles and a sports car to rev up, the Dubai Police Highway Patrol strictly implements road safety rules and repercussions.

Minimum speed limits are as critical as following the maximum. Speed limits range from 60kmph-80kmph for urban areas and 100kmph-120kmph for highways.

If a car accident occurs and someone is injured, the individual who caused the accident will be held in jail immediately, without a court hearing, until the wounded person is released from the hospital. If someone dies in an accident, the individual who caused the accident is liable for a fine of US $55,000 as compensation.

Dubai maintains a zero-tolerance policy regarding drunkenness, and driving while under the influence of any amount of alcohol can cause severe consequences. If a person is arrested for drunk driving, he will be held in jail for many days while awaiting a court date. Heavy penalties and, in the worst-case situation, imprisonment may be imposed.

Significant penalties are also imposed for minor road misconduct, such as road rage and rude gestures. This includes raising the middle finger, shouting, and swearing. Other common violations, such as running the red light, would lead to a fine of up to AED 1000, and the vehicle would be confiscated for two months.

Dubai also has thousands of surveillance cameras and radars monitoring roads. This has proven effective in reducing the number of violators and car accidents. According to statistics, Dubai road deaths have significantly declined by 32% in the first half of 2017.

Can a tourist drive a car in Dubai?

Dubai administers strict traffic rules and regulations, and driving without a permit would lead to significant problems with the authorities. For a non-UAE resident, the first requirement is an international driver’s license. Other documentations that a tourist must present to drive in Dubai are Original visa, original passport, international driving permit, and original home driving license.

Dubai is known for its luxury cars. From Lamborghinis to Ferraris, these sports and exotic vehicles are the norms in this city-state. The government implements strict road safety laws to manage and minimize road accidents, including speed limits and fines that can cost as much as $400 USD per ticket!

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