DIY Mattress Stain Removal And Protection Tips

The mattress is one of the most important accessories in our bed. Its soft surface lets us take a comfortable and deep sleep. You must make sure to keep it clean and tidy to avoid diseases and infections. Sometimes our mattress gets stains due to some mistakes have done unknowingly. Hence, stains can be due to spillage of drinks or pee of kids or pets or any semisolid dropping.

To remove all or any such stains, the following Do-It-yourself process can help you –

For this you require the following articles:

  1. Spray bottle,
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide,
  3. Vinegar,
  4. Baking Soda,
  5. Liquid Dish-wash Soap or gentle detergent,
  6. Vacuum Cleaner,
  7. Fragranced Oil of your choice,
  8. Water, and
  9. Clean cotton cloth.


Mix 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide with 3 tablespoons of baking soda in the spray bottle. If the stain seems to be stubborn and deep then add 6 ounces of vinegar to the above solution. Using the hand spray, apply this solution thoroughly over the stained area. Leave the solution over the stain for 10-15 minutes. In the meanwhile, prepare a solution of Liquid Dish-wash soap or detergent and water in 1:1 ratio in your spray bottle. Spray this solution over the area after 10-15 minutes. Use a clean cotton cloth to wipe off the residual solution and make it dry. Now as your stain is no more, the odor may trouble you. To remove the odor, mix baking soda with the fragrance oil of your choice. Combine this mixture with water and hydrogen peroxide in your spray bottle. Spray the solution all over your mattress. Do not touch or disturb the mattress for an hour. Ensure that windows are open and turn on the fan so that it can dry. After making sure that the mattress is completely dry, use your vacuum cleaner to suck in loose residue in the cleaning process. Hence, you succeed in getting a stain free and odor free mattress.

You will not require the above process if you follow few preventive and protection steps like –

  1. Use waterproof mattress covers or protectors or spring box covers. These covers will not allow fluids to come in contact with the mattress. This prevents not just stains but marks too.
  2. Change your bed sheets regularly. A daily regime is great but once a week is very much compulsory.
  3. Change sides of your mattress by flipping once a week for even wear and tear.
  4. Vacuum your mattress with a clean upholstery adapter.
  5. Do not allow pets under your mattress.
  6. Get rid of houseplants in your bedroom as they can be a source of insects, dust, and pollens.
  7. Put your mattress in the exposure of sunlight on a regular basis as it will help in removing mold and mildew.
  8. Use naphthalene balls or other moth-protective items available in the market to keep your mattress mites and allergen free.
  9. Go for a routine spray of mattress disinfectant and freshener solution for your mattress.
  10. Steam mattress cleaning at least once in two months frequency will also keep your mattress in nice shape and hygiene.

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