Disposing of Leftover Paint the Correct Way

An easy way to renovate your house is to paint it. However, we end up with half of the can that is left unused. Since leftover paint is hazardous which contains materials that can contaminate septic tanks or cause injury to sanitation workers so when throwing you have to be extra careful. Here we have put some information on what to think about and things you need to know before paint disposal in Austin.

Purchasing the right amount of paint

The fact is if you are buying the right amount of paint, there would not be any leftover paint after your job is done. For that, measure the walls and multiply the height by length for estimating the square footage (remember to subtract the windows and doors section). One gallon of paint will be covering 350 square feet are from a single coating.

Storing Leftover Paint

Paint Disposal in Austin recommends to cover the mouth of the paint can with a plastic wrap, securing the lid tightly and finally turn the leak-proof can upside down for storing. You must store the pant in a place where pets and children cannot reach and also the paint does not get too hot or freezes.

Mixing and reusing latex paints

You can blend and use latex paints. For functional and base coat paint jobs, this is an eco-friendly as well as an economical way for reusing old paint. Please contact with schools, municipalities and local waste haulers that have different programs for collecting paints, blending and using them on community projects.

Recycling finished paint cans

If a paint can is empty, leave the can open for drying and then recycle with other metals. First contact your waste hauler; however, several community recycling programs are accepting cans this way.

Disposing of oil paints as hazardous waste

The best option for disposing of oil-based paints is to contact a local household hazardous waste facility. Few communities offer round the year access to these waste handling services but others also offer drop-off days one or two times a year. Keep in touch with a waste hauler or municipality for details.

Throw latex paint in the trash but the cans should be recycled

Latex paints are not hazardous waste like oil paints. If there is leftover latex paint that cannot be stored, reused or recycled, paint disposal in Austin recommends pouring the paints in a box with kitty litter or shredded paper thereby allowing it to solidify away from pets or kids. Then discard the paint in the trash. With other metals recycle empty paint cans. If you are having a more-or-less full dried latex paint, then remove the lid and throw the whole can with the trash. Everyone will agree that the best option is recycling the paint as well as the can. If the dried paint has filled the can to a depth of about half inch or less, dry the paint in the can and then recycle it.


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