Digital Marketing in China: Five Marketing Tips to Make it hit

With a population as high as 1.4 billion and a digital market worth of nearly 293 billion RBM, year ending 2017, China has emerged as the largest ever marketplace in the plant. Naturally, the market potential is lucrative enough to inspire the escalating number of business groups from the Western globe to set off their digital marketing in China and consistently grow with effective digital marketing plans. If you’re one of those enthusiasts to get started in China, try the five great tips below to make your endeavor a real hit.

Baidu Is Unrivaled

No matter, whether it’s SEO, SEM or advertisement, there is no alternative of Baidu search engine for enterprises interested to grow their online market presence through digital marketing in China. Even though there’re a few more search engines but with more than 70% market share, it boasts of being the most trusted search engines to people in China. It has a similar status that applies to Google in the West. Baidu offers a series of services for marketers and has been equipped with multiple features when it comes to Baidu PPC. As experienced, in many ways, SEM in Baidu appears more productive than Google for business promotion.

Content Is the King

When it comes to the Chinese audience, it often feels wondering whether to say that ‘content is the king’ or an ‘Emperor’. In historical context, an emperor is treated more powerful or having more weight than a king. That is how; you should be more serious while posting your contents considering the highly selective outlook of the Chinese audience. Thus, if your content is well designed, appealing, and meaningful, this will not only help you in attracting your potential customers in China but they’ll be encouraged to buy, become your loyal customer, as well as facilitate in getting more followers/ customers with their sociable nature. Instead of playing the role of merely ‘readers’ as you’ve experienced in the West, the Chinese audience is more ‘responsive’ that helps gain brand awareness faster than ever.

Video Is Gaining More Access

Compared to the earlier decade, with the emergence of smartphones, there’s been a remarkable change in the number of China video enthusiasts that helps them understand how the product works, analyze view users experience in interviews apart from watching movies or listing to music videos. No wonder, videos are more proactive means to induce customers while utilizing their visual power, audio and text. As estimated, more than 77% of Chinese internet users are habituated to watch videos in the new era. Thus, incorporating videos should be a must-have to make your digital marketing in China a success.

Go Mobile with WeChat

With the largest number of users base Wechat should be the first step stone to embark on your social media endeavor in China. As you compare it with Facebook, the globally largest social network, you’ll understand how and why this multi-purpose social platform has become so demanding to its audiences. WeChat is perfectly a platform that brings together social media as well as e-commerce activities in combination with personalized communication with users.

Incorporate Weibo KOLs’ Advantage

Weibo KOLs (Key Option Leaders) feature enables you to bring more and more quality customers while your advertising is made powerful with the presence of influential celebrities, prominent social personalities on the page. In order to accumulate a large number of followers to your promotional contents, brands, and services, the KOLs’ follower base offers fuel to effective promotion to extensive audience range.


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