Different ways of Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Tattooing the eyebrows has become a common body alteration process especially for those who have over-plucked the eyebrows or lost them for health issues. People opt for these tattoos for getting a look similar to natural eyebrows. Sadly, tattoos are not always done in the correct way and you start fretting for your foolishness. When you are sick of your tattoo, one of the best ways for removing it is by laser method done by a medical professional. You can remove your tattoo in many ways.

Chemical Method – This technique is no longer preferred for its higher risk of chemicals going inside the eye as it does not work as the tattooed pigment stored in the dermis that can be corroded with the high acidic level of the chemicals used thereby leading to skin injuries. So, medically it is not preferable. Nevertheless, chemical removal is mostly used by non-standard eyebrow tattoo service studios or beauty salons. Strong and light chemicals are used for eyebrow tattoo removal. Light chemicals include herb or fruit extracts with an acid medium for corroding the skin. Strong chemicals are substances that are sensitive to skin. While removing it may cause burn on the area for its strong acidic property and can be hazardous to the eye.

Cover-up Tattoos – For covering up the tattoo, an ink with a similar color to our skin is used. Sometimes an error is made like missed tattooing or over-tattooing so, for concealing we need to cover up the area. Another way is covering up the portion if the existing tattoo is difficult to remove. If the artist uses an unmatched skin color, it will look strange. Additionally, the covered-up tattoo will cause non-uniformity and thickness to the skin. In this method, the clients and the service personnel do not think of the consequence which is a wrong method of treatment with more cons than pros.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal with Laser Method – It is the popular method as it is convenient and painless for customers but, it should be done by experts. In this process, depending on the skin type and the complexity of the tattoo, several sessions are done. Generally, it takes five to eight sessions for complete recovery. The method is safe, you will have a little sensation in the skin during treatment and the cost is on the higher side. But it is worth every penny you are spending. Whatever method one wishes to choose for removing their eyebrows, each has its own pros and cons. Before zeroing on a particular method, understand each one so that the result is favorable to your skin. Let us discuss the good and bad of laser.

• Less harmful compared to other methods.

• The wound heals faster than other techniques

• It is highly effective for eliminating color pigments which are the unique selling point of this method as the problem is solved at its root level.


• Need to pay a handsome amount.

• It takes a long time for getting the desired results.


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