Different Types of Rural Fencing for Your Farm


Are you looking for a new fence for your farm? Wondering what types of fencing to get? We list a few high-quality rural fencing in Perth that helps you to pick the proper fence for your farm or yard.

Max Loc Field Fence

Made from 2.5mm high tensile wire, Max Loc Field Fence is manufactured to Australian Standards AS2423-2002. It comes with a smooth knot design and has no sharp edges. Vertical pickets are tied to the line wires and crimped at the joints. The tightness of the knot crimp enhances the stiffness of the fence and prevents the fence from buckling if impacted by larger animals. The durable construction of this fence type provides extra rigidity and flexibility for installation over undulating land.

Pro Tough – The Ultimate Fence

Considered as one of the toughest wire fences in Australia, Pro Tough – The Ultimate Fence has become the top choice among farm owners. What makes this fence the toughest wire fence is, its fixed knot construction made by tying together heavier wires. The high tensile top and bottom wires are 3mm thick, combined with 2.6mm high tensile picket wires and 2.5mm high tensile line wires – the strongest combination of wires supplied in Australia by Galmax. The fixed knot is wrapped around both the line and picket wires which allows improved movement and better flow across the undulating ground. The wires used in this fence are highly galvanised to prolong the life of the fence.

Barb Wire Fence

Barb wire fencing is one of the most common types of fencing available and helps keep discouraging animals. It also prevents intruders from entering inside your property because of its height and durability. This type of fence system is highly versatile and can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture areas, and transportation, sports, leisure, play areas, building, homes, and more. Barb wire fence is highly used by homeowners because of their lower cost and reliable protection.

The Bottom Line

While choosing a fence type for your yard, you must consider the rules of Homeowner’s Association of your area to ensure that the type of fence you have chosen meets their guidelines. Otherwise, you could risk facing legally enforceable fees.

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