Dentist in Northern Virginia: Doctors of Oral Health

Today many Americans have excellent oral health and are keeping their natural teeth throughout their lives. But everyone does not have healthy teeth. Cavities are still the prevalent chronic disease of childhood. Most of the people believe that they need to visit a dentist only if they think something is wrong or suffer in pain, but actually, they are missing the bigger picture. A visit to a dentist in Northern Virginia means diagnosing and treating conditions that can range from routine to complex.

Team Work

The team approach to dentistry helps in promoting continuity of care that is convenient, comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective. Members of the team include dental hygienists, lab technicians, and dental assistants. The team is led by a dentist who specializes in oral health and has a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD).

Role of the Dentist

Dentists are doctors who have expertise in oral health. Their responsibilities include

• Monitor development and growth of the jaws and teeth

• Interpret diagnostic tests and x-rays

• Perform surgical procedures on bone, teeth and soft tissues of the oral cavity

• Ensure safe administration of anesthetics

• Create treatment plans to restore or maintain the oral health of their patients

• Promote disease prevention and oral health

• Diagnose oral diseases

Dentists’ oversight of his team is crucial to ensure effective and safe oral care. Even routine procedures like administering anesthetics, preparing and placing fillings, or extracting tooth carries risks of complications like prolonged bleeding, temporary or permanent nerve damage, infection, pain and hematomas.

More than Gums and Teeth

The areas of care for a dentist in Northern Virginia include not only their patients’ gums and teeth but also include salivary glands, the tongue, the nervous system of the neck and head, muscles of the jaw, neck, and head and many other areas. At the time of comprehensive test, dentists examine the gums and teeth and also look for discolorations, swellings, lumps as well as ulcerations. If a major problem occurs, they conduct procedures like screening tests for oral cancer, biopsies, salivary gland function, and diagnostic tests for infectious or chronic diseases. Moreover, the dentists can detect early warning signs in your mouth that may indicate disease in other parts of the body. Their training enables them to recognize situations that warrant referring patients for care by dental physicians or specialists.

Why Oral Health Should Matter

Recent scientific studies point out associations between various general health conditions and oral health, including heart disease and diabetes. The World Health Organization has integrated oral health into its efforts for preventing chronic disease “as the risks to health are interconnected. “ The American Dental Association states that a visit to the dentist must start after a child’s first birthday for establishing a dental home. Dentists in Northern Virginia provide guidance to parents and children, diagnose and treat dental problems in its earliest stages and deliver preventive oral health services. The ongoing dental checkup will aid both adults and children maintain optimum oral health throughout their lives.


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